Friday, December 18, 2009

Kitty Journal 29 - Cats post-boarding

I SEND MY CATS FOR BOARDING! You read it correctly, I send them for boarding. I thought long and hard about Hari Raya Aidiladha and decided it's better for them to be send for boarding. Granted it burned a deep hole in my already thin pockets, I calculate carefully and saved money to send them to boarding.

To be completely honest, I was never comfortable sending my cats to other people to take care of. I've known to be very possessive and the thought of other people handling my cats just bothers me. Deep in my mind, nobody takes care of them like I do (granted I don't give them the most expensive food / grooming or vet). But I worry a lot letting them stay with strangers. Weighing facts, pro and cons I decided it was the best choice. I don't really want to trouble my parents by borrowing their car or suffering 3-4 hours of Salem loud mewing in the car. I decided to go with a petshop that provided boarding and they even came to pick up my cats (which is the most important criteria since I only have a motorbike). The cost was affordable for me and I booked a week of boarding for my cats in advanced and counted the days.

A week before they came over to pick up my cats, Sherbet show signs of stress. He was overly affectionate and kept molting. I was surprised to see Sherbet's fur everywhere in the house and whenever I pet him, more fur would fall off. He was even more vocal than usual. I guess he knew I was sending him away (although only for awhile). My other cats seems to go through their days happily without worries.

On the day they came, I can't help but feel worry. It was my first time being away for quite a long time from my furkids. The longest I've been away from them is probably 8 hours. The pick up guys were nice enough, bf & I helped put the cats into the carrier they carried. Salem as usual, loved attention (especially from strangers). Neko-chan was hissing in the carrier (I'm guessing they didn't clean the carrier properly and the smell of other cats before is still there). Sherbet struggled to escape from the carrier and ran off under the chair. I had to coax him out, carry him and assure him it was okay. It kinda break my heart to see him so scared. I gave them instructions, left them a memo in the paperbag which carries the cat food and the multivitamin for Salem & Neko-chan. When they left, the house felt so empty and quiet. It was so weird, I can't believe how lonely I felt. Although I used to live alone before, the loneliness was even more apparent now. I stare at the empty cat room and the toy that littered the floor. It was heart-ranching, I wanted to cry because I've missed them already.

The next day, I went back to my parents and everyday I counted the days I can see them back. I didn't tell anyone how worried I was about my cats. I kept picturing them running away and got hit by a car, scared being with strangers. Maybe the boarding shop caught fire and my cats were trapped.. I kept imagining the worse. But my bf assure me they are all fine and told me to wait patiently for the email or MMS they're sending. On the 6th day, I finally got a MMS from the boarding shop and saw my cats. I was glad to see they all look healthy. They missed Salem's pic and I sms them back, asking for Salem's pic. I was somewhat worried about that little banshee. The next day I got Salem's pic and laughed at Salem's picture. He looks so happy and content, all stretched out on the floor. I said to myself "Salem, you slut! I worry over you for nothing".

My cats came to me all healthy and happy the next day. Sherbet as usual is wary of strangers and ran to hide under the chair. Salem stretched out on the floor as if nothing unusual had happened. Neko-chan ran and hide. I thanked the boarding shop and hugs all my cats. It was good to see them.

After sending them to boarding, I noticed some changes. Salem has become less vocal and demanding. It was a good progress to me since he would always mew loudly for attention and became destructive before. But after sending him for boarding, he hardly ever mew for attention. He even spend his time playing by himself (either chasing scraps of paper, balls, hiding under the rug, etc). Sherbet on the other hand, became more vocal and affectionate. Some might say he's cuter for being so affectionate but I find it somewhat stifling. He would come up to me anytime he wants and mews. If I ignored him he would jump on the computer table, plopped his butt in front of the keyboard and lie down across the table and demands to be pampered. I can barely use my keyboard when he does that. He even used one of my hands as his pillows. All I can say is that, I guess he switched personality with Salem. Oh well.. at least my cats has more character now *smile*

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kitty Journal 28 - The Problematic Salem

Curious what's the picture is all about? Simple, it's Salem doing one of his antics. His new found hobby is scratching on the bathroom door. Sometimes when there's nobody in there (I kept the bathroom / shower door closed so my cats won't be licking or sniffing bleach) and sometimes while I was in there *sighs*. He would scratch and mews at the door till I opened a bit (if I were inside) and then he would stop and just stare at me or sit down quietly in front of the bathroom. Other times he would just scratch on the door and then stare at me when I scold him (even though there we nobody in the bathroom). Granted his behavior is typical to when he was locked up in the cat room or in a cage, it still mind boggles me. In my opinion, he still acts like a kitten when he's practically an adult (at nine months old). My other two cats just stare at him whenever he's throwing tantrums. The good news is that he realized that my fly swatter is a deadly weapon (I smack the ground / carpet real hard in front of my cats to scare them whenever they're up to mischief) and he will run into their room whenever I caught him scratching the bathroom door. Granted it was fun to have Salem follow me around the house, when I'm in the kitchen he will sit nearby. He was always outside the bathroom whenever I shower or use the bathroom. I called him the black stalker or the bodyguard *laughs*.
Last week, I bought a book on cats at a local warehouse used book sale. It was really good, with a lot of illustration on how to take care of cats, first aid and grooming. It also features problematic cats and the remedy for them. I came to realized that Salem is a dependent cat, solely dependent on humans (namely me and my bf). He follows us around, would even try to follow my bf outside the front door whenever he leaves. Follows me all around the house, even sleep beside my feet most of the time (I find that somewhat cute though). But what annoys me is his constant mewing when he demands attention. He would sit on his but, usually on top of the coffee table and mew from the top of his lungs. He would only stop when I reprimand him *loud audible sigh*.

Like these sandals? This is another of Salem's antics.

See the bite marks? It's all Salem's doing, sometimes I wonder if he's a cat or a dog in disguise. He chewed the black shoe off, it's unwearable. I grew tired of scolding him, anytime I take my eyes off him, he will chew the sandals. Once I was shocked to see bits of the shoe stuck to his teeth.. it mind boggles me why he would chew shoes, it's not as if I didn't feed him T_T

It all come down to Salem being too dependent, so I'm guessing he needs a new companion. I'm debating about adopting another cat but it's not a bad idea. ( I love cats anyway, it's just my pocket isn't deep enough to splurge on them *laughs*).

Oh well, it's the trials of a cat owner. I have to learn how to cure this nasty behavior of Salem's and then make him a better cat. ; )

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kitty Journal 27 - The Noisy Ride

I was busy last week with Hari Raya Celebration and such, didn't have much time to sit in front of the pc to write. I brought back my cats with me last week, what a journey! Neko-chan and Sherbet were well behaved (or too scared to misbehave..) and sat quietly in the car for the 4hours journey. Salem was being a bad boy as he is and didn't stop mewing all the way from KL to JB. It was dreadful, I tried taking him out of the carrier and putting leash on him but he still won't stop. Good news is that it kept me awake (lol). We endured the noisy journey till I arrived at my parents and put all the cats into the cage.

My family and relatives were excited with my cats (especially Sherbet). The fluffy fur, the big body, Sherbet was everyone's eye candy that's for sure. At 1 year old, he weighs almost 7kg but sadly he's very scared. He huddled in a corner whenever my relatives came to look at him. Salem is the usual over-friendly cat among the three of them and always demands attention. He personally met every members of my family, shameless boy that he is. Neko-chan is the cool cat as usual, sat or lie down anywhere in the cage nonchalantly, as if she's right back at home. It was nice to see my family accepting my cats (even my mother who hates cats).

On the 4th day, I let them roam the house. Sherbet the timid and shy sniffs around cautiously while Salem just walk about anywhere, went downstairs and playing on the stairs. Neko-chan sniffs cautiously and made herself comfortable under the sofa. I let them out once in a while but Salem is starting to aggravate me. He slipped outside while I was having breakfast and didn't want to come in. After that incident, I had to close all doors and windows since Salem kept trying to go outside. Overall, it was a good experience bringing back my cats with me. But, on the way back to KL, as usual Salem made a racket and mews all the way back. I haven't seen my dad drove 4 hours JB to KL before, I bet Salem helped him stay awake. *Laugh*

I'm still contemplating on Hari Raya Haji, maybe I'll put them in boarding or bring them back. One thing's for sure though, I'm not bringing Salem back with me, he needs some kind of training being locked up *sighs*.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kitty Journal 26 - New cage at parent's & Cat Tree

I went back to my parent last weekend to borrow my dad's car for the Hari Raya holidays. Since cat boarding is quite expensive (especially when I'm going away for 11 days), I decided to bring all my cats with me this holiday.

I also brought back two projects with me, to built a cage and a cat tree for my cats. I find that buying the ready made is too expensive and not up to par. I was lucky too, since my dad has a lot of equipment to do simple carpentry. I was also lucky I took up AutoCAD back in the days. Designing is so much easier and cleaner with AutoCAD. It took 2 days to gather materials (although some stuff was bought by my parent before I came back to their home.

I have to say it's much more easier to find materials in my hometown rather than where I'm living now. It's so hard to find a fully stocked hardware store in KL. I showed my dad the design for the cage and cat tree and he'd comment the problem with the design, whether it's structurally stable or not, how much brackets needed, etc. Dad did most of the heavy duty drilling and screwing the wood. A whole day of labor, the cage is ready. We had to buy some more materials (the wire mesh) because we miscalculated. It would finished earlier but I dallied, only decided to assemble the cage after dinner.

Voila, the finished product. It's a bit crooked but hey, it's the first time I handled metal frame cages (the first cage I did used pvc pipe frame). My parent bought kitchen metal rack as the base frame of the cage but after some discussion, we realized using angle bar would be so much easier. Oh well, the important thing is that the cage is ready.

The completed cage, at the foot of my bed.

My second project was a cat tree, I never bought one before (was too expensive in my opinion) so I decided to make my own. It way easier than the cage and cheap too. It's rather bare at the moment but touch-ups can be done later.

The "bare" cat tree & Salem posing on the highest platform.

Next is my trip back to my hometown which is this Thursday. I look forward to a trip with my cats :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kitty Journal 25 - Excited for Hari Raya

I am somewhat ecstatic for the coming Hari Raya, not with the biscuits and cakes or dresses. But anxious on bringing all my cats with me. I will be back at my parents for 11 days and bringing my cats with me. Earlier this year, I thought of leaving my cats in boarding facility but after some calculations, it's too expensive. I decided to come back a week earlier and borrow my dad's car and then drive back to my parent's a few days before Hari Raya.

My sister of course is happy since she doesn't have to buy a train ticket back *laugh*. Even though the trip with my cats is somewhat a fortnight away, I'm already making a list of things to bring back with me. One must be cautious and write down what my cats need. Cat food, litter box, litter material, some toys, food & water bowl and the list goes on and on. I prefer to buy everything I need here in KL since I'm not sure the variety at JB (my parent's). Besides, I will be busy the first 4 days and I doubt I'll have time to run out and buy cat stuff.

Anyway, the clock is ticking and I hope I will be ready for the trip. This is so exciting, it's the first time I'm taking my furkids with me on a long journey. Thumbs up for us!

Kitty Journal 24 - Sexy Pose

Today I decided to write a little face-off, Salem vs Neko-chan on sexy poses.. *giggle*

It amazes me how I still go ooh and aah over my cats even after months of having them with me, they never cease to amaze me. I still laugh while looking at them sleeping, all those funny sleeping positions.
I haven't posted pictures of them for quite sometime, here goes..

Salem vs Neko-chan

Almost the same pose, but I feel Salem is sexier.

The staring contest..

Oohh.. tough one.. which stare is more piercing... hmmm

The last but not least, the "sleepy-look"

Ahh... this is even harder.. both looks adorable........

To all this my Sherbet says...

No comment, I'm the winnah...... :P

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kitty Journal 23 - The Road to Recovery

After 10 days of applying the cream on Salem, he seemed to get somewhat lethargy. I'm guessing it's the side effect of the cream. Either he licked the place where the cream was applied and ingest it or maybe it's the effect of the cream as it's absorbed through the skin.

We delayed the second re-visit due to some unforeseen circumstances. On the 25th August, we went for the second visit. I made a mistake of applying the cream the night before since it made diagnostic more difficult. I slapped my head hard, darn it!. The doctor took sample of Salem's skin and checked it under the microscope. Said Salem is having yeast infection problem. He was given antibiotics, antifungal pills and special shampoo for skin infection. Next re-visit will be in 10 days.
It's hard to say if things are getting better, I think it will take quite sometime before Salem get backs to normal.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kitty Journal 22 - Balding Spot II

I forgot to write down about Salem's balding spot problem. We decided to go to the government vet hospital for check-up, I showed them the bald spots on Salem and they gave him an injection. They didn't offer explanation, and I guess I assumed it was maybe flea allergy reaction. I guess, as a cat owner I still fails at getting explanation from the veterinarian. In a way, I usually forgot to ask. Then I toss and turn later in the night and wondered why I didn't ask in for more details.

Enough about my silliness, lets talk about Salem. After the injection, the vet told us to come back in three weeks for re-visit and evaluate the treatment. We waited patiently for 10th of August to arrive but I was getting anxious, Salem's problem has yet to go away. Some of his balding spot kept getting bigger and no improvement whatsoever.

On August 10th, we went for a follow-up. A different vet attended my Salem and he said my Salem had fungal infection. I was somewhat shocked, fungal? I asked if fungal infection is contagious and he answered yes. It's very contagious and should be quarantined. I was puzzled, if it really is fungal infection, wouldn't my two other cats will be infected too? Since they've play together for more than a month (especially after I've neutered Salem & Neko-chan). Yet I didn't see any hints of balding spot on Neko-chan or Sherbet. The vet seems sure of his diagnose so I just let it pass, but he told me to take Salem for blood test at any private vet if the problem doesn't improve in three weeks. At the counter, they gave antibiotics for Salem.

The mention of blood test got me slightly worried, and I had to find a private vet for consultations. I asked a friend, June for opinion and she told me to go for blood test earlier rather than wait three weeks. It could be deadly by then, so I decided to look around and asked others. I got lucky because June told me, another PetFinders forumer had consulted a private vet not too far from my area and the cost was very reasonable.

I went earlier this morning and met Dr. Ragu. She was friendly enough, checking Salem's body thoroughly and asking questions about flea control, and then she took scrapings of Salem's skin (on the balding spot) and looked under the microscope. Good news is that my Salem didn't have mite, tick or flea problem. He also is cleared from fungal infection problem. The doctor told me it's probably due to slow fur growth. Doctor gave Vitamin B-Complex and topical cream for Salem and come for re-visit on the 23rd. All in it was rather cheap, since it's a private clinic. I was happy to hear that my Salem didn't have dangerous disease.

Now, I have to remember to rub the cream twice a day and give Salem his vitamin once a day. Lets hope for the best ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kitty Journal 21 - Daily Routine

*Sigh* I haven't written in this blog for quite some time. Nothing much to write in my opinion, some things are best to be seen and memorized, etched into my memory. I think I am not a person that likes to write down whatever comes through my mind. I prefer to quietly keep them deep in my mind and recalls them in future. But then, what purpose of this blog if it's not to be written in, eh? .. I contradict myself.. ick.

I shall start with Sherbet. His daily routine is sleeping, usually on the pile of slippers and shoes I have near the front door. For some unknown reasons he loves sleeping there. I tried to carried him away to my bed or somewhere for, comfortable but he will wake up and walk back to the piles of slippers and sleep there. I gave up trying to move him. Then he will wake up, stretch his body (Ah, I love to see cat stretching) front leg stretched out, front abdomen on the floor while the lower abdomen high on the air. Then there's the spine curve stretching, he will bring his front and hind leg close, stretch middle of his spine upward till it make a small bump. Cats looks so adorable when they do that. Sherbet will usually wakes up Neko-chan or Salem for grooming, he always disturbs them sleeping and make them groom him thoroughly.
After some stretching, he will come and scratch the carpet which I laid out on the hall. Then it's off to snacking or coming to me for a nice rub. Next is the playtime, usually Sherbet would be running and chasing the other two cats or wrestling with them. These are the usual Sherbet's routine. When he wants attention, he would usually climb the table and sit in front of me. This means rub time. When he wants to beg for special food (raw chicken, tablefood..etc) he would lie down near my feet and roll around, stretching his body. Compared to my other two cats, I think Sherbet is the closest to me and most affectionate.*chuckles*

Next is Neko-chan. Her routine starts as usual, sleeping usually on the pile of dirty laundry I have in the room. Sometimes she sleeps on the chair near me or on a small rug near my computer. As the other cats, she will stretch her body after waking up and scratch her claws on the carpet. Sometimes she would come over when I'm lying down or sleeping and purrs in my face or, lick my hair. She loves playing with long hair and I have to be careful when I let my hair loose so she won't end up pouncing my face instead. She's the most well behaved among the three cats I have at home. She always play by herself of chase the other two boys around the house. She is also very well adapt at climbing, I've caught her climbing atop my clothes hanger and climbing naco windows. Hence I always opened my windows no bigger than 2 inch wide. Falling from the second floor can be rather deadly I think.
Neko-chan is very close with Salem, I always see them hanging out together. Maybe it's the closeness in size, maybe it's the fact that both of them were strays picked up from the streets. Then again, it could be because of their age. I assume Neko-chan is probably one or two months older than Salem since her molar tooth are more well formed than Salem. Neko-chan is also a healthy eater, she eats almost the same amount as Sherbet. Though I wondered where all the nutrient went, she's still scrawny in my eyes. A bit plump on her lower half, but still have a rather petite face. Neko-chan is also the best sprinter in the house. It took sometime for me to catch her if I want to groom or bathe her. Sometime I would just chase her around the house for fun. I think she loves to run around too. She can be quite vocal too, especially when she wrestles with the boys. She won't hesitate to meow loudly if she doesn't like how they play with her. It's really funny to hear the voice she made when she saw a fly somewhere in the house. *laughs*

Last but not least, Salem. He's already seven months now but still such a baby. He likes to sleep somewhere near my feet, next to me on bed, or on a rug near my computer. Although he stays close, he doesn't like to be hug or carried around much. After waking up, he would usually stretch and scratch his claws (same as my two other cats). Then he would come over to me for his chin rubs, and then the usual cloth sucking. Mind-boggling why he would still do that even though he's already seven months old now. He loves to run, chase and wrestle with the other two cats. But he's the most demanding cat in the house. When he's bored, he would sat atop the table and mew at the door or at me. He would climb atop my computer or television when he's in a bad mood, and always try to steal table food. Any form of discipline doesn't work for this bad boy. I've tried water spray, loud voice and even ear flick, doesn't work at all. In the end, I had to keep him in a room if I want to eat.
Salem doesn't like to eat kibble but loves to eat chicken or table food. He would eat anything he can get his paws on. Luckily he has somewhat strong stomach and get diarrhea. Although he's a bad boy, he's a regular receptionist at home. He's very friendly towards visitors, circling their feet, lying down and rolling about in front of them. He loves it when people gives him body rub or give attention to him. He is such an attention seeker. His other cute trait is his huge orange eyes. He would stare with round, orange eyes whenever someone is talking about him. He would sit on his behind, front leg vertically straight, stare at a person and slightly tilt his head. It is so adorable that people that came over can't help but love him. He's also very close to my boyfriend. Whenever my boyfriend came to visit, Salem would be the first by the front door waiting. Same thing happens when my boyfriend is leaving. Salem would be waiting by the door when he hears the sound of keys jingling and sometimes went out to follow. But he never go further than in front of the front door. He's still scared of the outside.

I have special nick name for my cats, Sherbet is known as Mr. Affectionate and Mr. Mastermind. He's the most affectionate in the house and always up to secret mischief. Climbing kitchen stove, playing in the bathroom, climbing into the washing machine and a lot more. But, he knows when I'm angry at him. He would lie down flat on the floor, ears down and stare. Can't be angry long with him anyway.
Neko-chan is known as Miss Cleaner since she's always grooming herself or the other two boys. I would say most of her time is spend grooming. I guess she likes to stay pretty all the time. She's also very vocal when she's uncomfortable. When she doesn't like something (grooming, baths, etc) she would be growling angrily. Although in my opinion, it tamed a lot since I adopt her from the streets a few months back.
Salem is Mr. Nosy since he's always curious about everything I do. Whenever I do house chores, cleaning their litter box or fixing things, he would come sniffing and nosy about. He loves when people play with him (usually with a piece of cloth waved about) he would jump and chase after it. At the moment, Salem is still having balding problem. I'm still worried but the doctor said to bring him next week for second inspection.

All my cats love to hang out by the windows sometime. They would take turn to sit in front of the window and watched the activity outside, night or day. I wondered what they see sometimes, must be something interesting out there I guess..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kitty Journal 20 - Chasing Flies & Balding Spots

Chasing Flies

It's really fun to see my cats running around the house, jumping up and down chasing flies. Now and then stray flies get into my home and it gets the cats scrambling to catch it. I have to say my cats have boundless of energy. Seeing them running back and forth, jumping high, trying to climb wall is so much fun. I would call their names and ask "Did you catch it? Go catch em!". I would let them chase the flies for awhile and then I'll take out my small fan, smack! One hit and down goes the flies. Flies-0 Me-1. *Laugh*

In my opinion, flies are a hazard to health but it gives my cats plenty of exercise. Just let them live for awhile and then take them down in a blink of an eye. *Evil grin*

Balding Spots

I'm still worried about Salem. It's been almost two weeks since I spotted Salem's balding spots. At first, I thought it was due to flea allergy but after thorough checking, grooming, I found no indication of flea population in my home. The other two cats are flea free (I could see flea poo on Sherbet or Neko-chan's fur if there's any flea infestation since their fur is rather light-colored). I assumed it was food allergy (maybe the Kitzyme tablets I gave them before). But I've stopped giving them the tablet almost two weeks now but Salem is still scratching like mad. It bothers me to hear him scratching his body vigorously, making his collar bell rings. His balding spots are more visible and new spots are emerging.

After some discussion with my bf, he told me to wait till next Monday to send Salem to the vet. Maybe Salem need some kind of injection / medication to reduce the itching and balding. Other than the itching and balding, Salem seems to enjoy life as a normal cat. Running around, jumping up and down, playing with the other cats and demand his usual cloth sucking. Oh well, a few more days to go see the vet. *Smile*

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kitty Journal 19 - Post Neuter II

Two days have passed since I send my cats for neutering. I let Salem out of the cage, I'm not too worried about Salem. He is active but he's not the type that likes to climb onto high places. I checked his stitches everyday and it looks good, drying up nicely. I put Gamat Gel on them to increase the recovery rate. Although Salem does look cute with his bum shaved *laughed*.

Neko-chan can move about in her cage but she still looks a bit weak. She doesn't move vigorously (expected, with and inch long stitch on her lower abdomen). I made some boiled chicken for her but she doesn't seem to like it. I bought a can of tuna flakes cat food and she loved it. I gave her some kibbles yesterday (seems she prefer kibbles more than boiled chicken) and she loved it. I'm still doubtful whether I should give her more kibbles or just go with wetfood now. I put Gamat Gel on her stitches too, hope it will increase her recovery rate. Although I am somewhat worried she likes to sleep in her litterbox *frowns*. I'll just monitor her for now.

Sherbet is always curious (as usual). He would come and poked his head in their room, hang out near their cage and walk all over the place. I guess he's bored since both his playmates is resting. Salem is out and about but I always watch him and Sherbet. If they play too much, I would shout at them. I don't want Salem's stitches to open. So far everything looks good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kitty Journal 18 - Neuter Part II

I tossed and turned in my bed last night, worried that my two cats would escaped from their cage. It was in preparation for their neutering this morning. I slept and woke up, running to look at their cage and was relieved to see both of them staring back at me behind the wire mesh. I dreamed they escaped and drank water, which disturbed their fasting process. In the middle of the night I woke up a few times because Sherbet kept jumping on my bed, and lying next to me.


I woke up a minute before the alarm rang on my mobile phone and went into the bathroom. After bathing, I dressed up and checked all the cats.


Salem & Neko-chan all ready in the carrier and good to go. I head out to meet my friend, June to go to the neuter clinic together.


Bf & I arrived at the said location at met up with June. I went with June to the Neuter Clinic. We chat about cats and had a few laugh.


We arrived at the clinic. We can see a few cars parked outside the premise. We brought our carriers out and sat in the shades. The doctors haven't arrived yet, so we just wait till they're officially opened.


The guard told us we can bring the cats into the office and we brought them in. Filled in some forms and left them in the clinic till they're done. We head out for breakfast while waiting. I had fun, chatting with June about our cats and experiences.


We head back to the clinic and met some other cat owners. We chat about our cats, their behavior and health. We were somewhat shocked to hear a lady lost 2 of her cats while trying to get them into the clinic. What was even more saddening to me was she blamed her maid for not latching the cage door properly. I find it mind-boggling. The cats are their owner's responsibility, and a part of their family. Why would the maid be responsible for the cage door? Shouldn't the owner double check it on her/his own?? I wrapped extra support for my carrier, even extra wire tied to the cage door so my cats won't ran off. But how can some owners forget these?? It was mind-boggling but I shouldn't judge them. Each to their own.


June and I sat outside the clinic and chat up to fill in the time. Salem & Spot (June's kitten) had already done the neutering and are resting inside the clinic. Neko-chan's surgery will probably take time since the doctors usually deals with males before females. As we chat, we were surprised to see yet another escapade. A light-brown seal point siamese look-alike ran as fast as it can across the yard into the bushes. We were stunned to see it happened right in front of our eyes. What was even more surprising was, the cat was carried in what looked like a bird-cage. I shaked my head and frowned. Both June and I were flabbergasted. The cat was bigger than Sherbet ( Sherbet at the moment weights around 4.5kg) and it fit snugly into a carrier I bought in March. Imagine something bigger than 4.5kg in a flimsy bird cage. We discussed the stupidity of some cat owners. As the owner went to looked for the cat, we went inside the clinic to see if our cats are done. I was glad to see Neko-chan up and about and was settling the bill when the siamese look-alike and it's owner came in.

The cat was struggling and the owner was handling it the wrong way (holding it's legs). The cat bit the owner and scrambled inside the office, causing a lot of ruckus. I can see how frightened the cat was, it was crazy running around panicking. The office looked like a tornado had swept in, everything was tossed all over the place, the window blinds broken in pieces. Eventually the cat stood between the window and the blind. The doctor's helper came and catch it, stuff it into a sturdy carrier. I pity the cat, can't say I pity the bleeding owner much. Seems like they don't know how to handle their cat. I just shrugged and thankful the ordeal is over. I glance at the scared siamese look-alike and shake my head. Poor thing, so scared. I settled my bills and went back with June. I was thankful June could send me over the busy road so it'll be easier (and less stressful).


I arrived at the designated place, with my bf waiting to pick me up. I said my thanks to June quickly and ride the motorbike home. I hold the carrier real close and carefully, and ride home.
I am happy all my cats have gone through neutering process with no complication and all that's left now is the nurturing process. I kept them in separate carriers for now and wait till they starts mewing before I let them out into the bigger cage. I want to make sure they are fully awake and stable before transferring them to the cage. My poor cats is still so groggy and weak. The biggest hurdle is already over for me, now all that's left is their monthly food and litter supply, the yearly vaccination and lots of love. I hope they will grow bigger, stronger and healthier.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kitty Journal 17 - MCC Cat Show 3-5 July & Family Invasion

MCC Cat Show 3-5th July

I woke up early Sunday morning and went to MidValley Megamall to watch beautiful cats on display and hang out with some friends I made through There were a lot of people at the event, and some of them brought their pets with them.. beautiful dogs, cute sugargliders, racoons, birds, cats and rabbits. I looked at the cats in the competition and they are beautiful. Although some are quite afraid, probably not used to big crowds and loud noise but still beautiful to my eyes. I met up with friends, chat up and gossip, absorbed everything I can with my eyes and commit them to memory. I have always love looking at beautiful cats and envy them (especially their owners). I could probably get my cats THAT beautiful but will sure need alot of effort and *cough* money. For now, I am just so happy when family and relatives tells me my cats are beautiful and healthy. It means I did the right thing somewhere.

I was glad I went to the event, and get to see close up how cat grooming is done. It looks easy but it gives me a more clear idea how I'm supposed to groom my cats. It has always been sort of a trial and error on my part whenever I groom my cats. Now I know how to do it the right way *smile*. I congratulates all the friends that won on that day, they are brave to enter their cats and I salutes them. I would love to try someday but I will need a lot of practise. My cats need a lot of training as well. When we are confident enough (my cats & I ), we shall venture into the world of cat show!! Although I am not sure when that'll be *laugh*. It was a fruitful day , in my humble opinion and I was happy. What makes it all even more meaningful was that my bf was there with me and we enjoyed the show..

Family Invasion

My family came to stay over yesterday and I welcomed them. My sister is due back at her university for the new semester and it's common for them to put a few nights at my home. This time the visit was rather short because my dad has a guitar class later today (my dad took additional jazz class to deepen his knowledge of jazz for guitars). I am used to my family sleeping over unfortunately, my eldest cat (Sherbet) is rather afraid. Why? Who knows. He has always been a scaredy cat and this time it's the worse.

As soon as my family steps into the house and I let them out of their room, he ran away, body crouching low and ears somewhat lowered (scared stance) and ran into hiding. Salem on the other hand is a regular receptionist. He came over and greets everyone, weaving through their legs, sniffing here and there, rolling about in front of my parents and sister. They were easily charmed by him, the little rascal. He shows no sign of being frightened at all and we all agreed that he is most suitable is I were to take part in a cat show (too bad he's suffering some bald patches at the moment *sighs*). After awhile, bf and I searched the apartment for Sherbet but we couldn't find him. I got worried but after 10 minutes, my bf found him behind the toilet seat, hiding. I slapped my forehead hard and shakes my head. I carried Sherbet into the bedroom and he jumped down, hid under the bed. I know he was kinda shy with my family but this time it was too much. He didn't come out hours later after I sprayed him with water, and ran into another hiding spot. It got me worried too since he didn't touch his food or even use the litterbox. I knew he was scared, so I just let him cool off and calm down. I was kinda disappointed since my family was so looking forward to meeting him.

It continued throughout the day till sleep time. He won't show his face and hid either under the bed or at the edge of the cat's room (where people can't see him). I just let him be and went to sleep. Poor Salem was kinda lonely but luckily my parent was having fun playing around with him. Later that nite, seems Sherbet came out of his hiding and went to greet my parent. He was rolling about beside them, asking for petting services. Once in a while he would come on my bed and sat beside me or near my feet. Such a pampered brat.

As the morning came, I thought he was over being scared but I was wrong. Once he heard the sound of the water kettle whistling, he reverts back to the timid cat and went crounching and all into hiding. My big, eldest cat.. afraid of.. almost everything. I slapped my forehead hard yet again and shakes my head.. What am I going to do with you, boy? And looked at him, wondering.. while he looked back at me with his big, golden eyes..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kitty Journal 16 - Salem, Food Allergy perhaps? & Litterbox Management

Salem, Food Allergy perhaps?

I asked opinion from friends in Petfinder and some suggested that Salem's problem was due to food allergy. It made me think, perhaps that is correct. From what I read, food allergy is hard to diagnosed. Only way to find out is to do a food test and see how he reacts. I was thinking flea was the problem but the other 2 cats didn't show any flea allergy reaction (or even signs of flea attacks). I don't see them scratching much.. and they looked fine. Only Salem shows signs of allergy reaction (itching, excessive grooming, bald patches).

I suspected the Kitzyme supplement I bought for my cats. Though the other 2 is fine with it, I guess the ingredient doesn't sit well with Salem. So, for now I will stop giving them Kitzymehindlegs and stomach is balding badly. *Frown* supplement and just stick with the ones vet suggested. I hope Salem will get better though, his

Litterbox Management (and Odor Control)

I have come to love litterbox deodorizer! I admit at start I was rather skeptic but after using them for a month plus, I LOVE IT! It started out as ways to reduce the odor from my cats' litterbox. As an owner of 3 cats, I assure you the smell of cat faeces doesn't faze me at all. I guess, with time, you get used to the smell. In my opinion, if you have cats and you're not used to the smell, you have a problem. But of course, that doesn't mean cat faeces doesn't make me squeamish. *Laugh*

I started goggling about litterbox management and odor control. It was mind boggling how some people can prolonged the use of 5litres of cat sand for more than a week (some even can extend to 1 month). I seemed to run through 5 litres of cat sand for a week, sometimes only for 5 days. Usually the sand starts to smell on the third day.
-I wondered if my scooping technique was wrong.
-Maybe too much force made the clumping balls break?
-Maybe not enough force and left behind residue?
-Maybe my cats is a sewage machine? *giggles*
-Maybe even my scoop or my cat sand is not good enough?

I wrecked my brains trying to figure out how to manage their litterbox. Granted I am kinda lazy and only cleans the litterboxes once a day and am kinda tight on budget but I want to know how other people managed it and I couldn't. Cats will be cats in my opinion, regardless of breed and the amount they poo or pee should be the same. So I goggled and read, voila! found the perfect solution.

The website suggested the usage of litterbox deodorizer and an extra way to clean the litterbox after each the routine scooping. I was rather sceptical at start, can it really reduce the smell? Prolonged the usage of the sand?? I've tried shredded newspaper but the smell was too strong I can't handle it. I even tried recycled paper litter but the ammonia smell was really strong after the 5
th day and it was somewhat expensive. Wasting too much money on litter material is too much, don't you think? (Especially since I'm rather tight on budget .. *cry*).

The website suggested to spread a thin layer of litterbox deodorizer on the bottom of the litterbox after you cleaned the litterbox, before putting in new litter sand. (The routine once a week litterbox clean-up). Then put a centimetre or two of litter sand over the thin layer of litterbox deodorizer. Then put another thin layer of litterbox deodorizer, followed by another thin layer of cat sand. I find that the pee and poo clump better and sticks less to the surface of the litterbox (since one of my cat love to dig deep into the litter).

After the routine daily scooping, light up a lighter and run a fire over the surface of the litter sand (as close to the sand as you can). If I remember correctly, it is to burn out the unwanted odor. Then sprinkles a thin layer of litterbox deodorizer on the surface, followed by topping up a small layer of litter sand. I tried it for a month and I have to say it works wonders! The odor is reduced greatly and the sand can last up to 2 weeks. The cost is not as expensive since a bottle / box of litterbox deodorizer is only around RM16-RM19 (I find that the Arms & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer works best) and can last to a month or more.

Why I wanted to find solution to litterbox odor? It's because I want guests coming to my home (usually my family) to feel comfortable and not smell cat poo or pee. I want to tell them proudly that I have cats and are not having any foul smell problems (apart from the smell of my garbage bin *laugh*). If you are reluctant to use Litterbox Deodorizer, Soda Bicarbonate works too although it's less effective but it can reduce the odor too (prolly around 20-30% odor reduction).
Sadly, I can't remember which website it was....

Hmm enough of my ramblings.. I've written alot today.. I'll write more when I can think of something kitty-related *Smile*..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kitty Journal 15 - The Return Of Fleas


Yes, flea attack happened again to my cats. My poor Salem is balding in some spot of his body, poor boy is allergic to flea bites. It pains me to see him scratching non stop but there's nothing much I can do. I watch helplessly and count my coins.

The minute I gather enough money, I bought Frontline Spray, Machiko Shampoo (for flea, tick and lice). I bathe all my cats with Machiko Shampoo, dried them thoroughly. Today, I sprayed Frontline on them and I hope it is enough.

I'm waiting till Sunday and see how Salem handles flea allergy. If he doesn't get better, I'm taking him to the vet.

Weird enough, both Sherbet and Neko-chan doesn't show any symptom of flea allergy. Both looks fine and doesn't scratch as much as Salem. I guess they have more resistance than Salem.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kitty Journal 14 - Cat's Pregnant Perhaps???

I send Neko-chan for her 2nd vaccine and it went well.. I even asked the vet to check if she's pregnant.. can't be confirmed though.. maybe she is and maybe she's not..but left side of her abdomen was hardened, so the doctor can't check properly.

It's a mixed reaction, I frowned upon the knowledge that my kitten is pregnant, and worried about her safety .. but on the other hand I am happy I could be a grandma to cute kittens. I want to spay her but I read up that spaying pregnant queen is equal to abortion.. do I want to do that?? Can I do that?? But if I let her come to term with the pregnancy, can she handle it? She was sick for so long due to diarrhea and ringworm, she aren't even 1 yr old. I read that it could end fatally for mother or kittens or both. What do I do? Which one is the right decision?

In a way, I blames myself secretly. I didn't confine her properly and she got out of her cage a few times, hang out with my other kittens (one of em is still intact). Perhaps I was naive in thinking the male kitten is yet to be sexually matured. Ahh.. foolish me. Lesson learned in a hard way.

As I stare at my kittens, I wondered if I can support another kitten. I sat and ponders to myself.. decisions.. decisions....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kitty Journal 13

I haven't written in this blog for quite sometime, too busy with life passing by and not making a habit to write it down I guess. My apartment (looks more like a flat) .. have been livelier with each passing day. Sometimes I frown, sigh and even gets angry but most of the time I am happy, smiling and laughing. All thanks to my three little kids : Sherbet, Salem and Neko-chan.

Everyday they bring me joy and I'm hardly ever gets bored (except when I missed my once a week window shopping session.. it gets me real testy).

Sherbet is growing beautifully, already reached 4kg at 8 1/2 months. By the end of this month, he's practically an adult. I really can't believe, the puny, small and skinny kitten I brought back from SPCA in December has grown so big and healthy. Nowadays I need both hands to carry him around, it's hard to balance his whole body with just 1 hand. Doesn't mean he's slowing down as he grows older though..still run around the house with the other 2 kittens.. It scared me when he slams onto the table when he slides while running...

Salem is growing in a way. Not as plump as Sherbet, but more elongated. His coat shines beautifully, he's healthy and active. Although he still suck on shirt, mews loudly when he's bored and eat whatever he come across.. *face palm*. So far, he's the naughtiest but when he looked at me with his big, round orange eyes.. I can't help but laugh, pick him up and stroke him. He's also the friendliest among the three. He will purrs loudly whenever anyone pick him up (even at the vet). Another cute thing about him is the kink at the end of his tail, looks like a cute hook to me. Out of the three cats, he's the one that doesn't even care if he got scolded. Whenever I scolded him for his bad behavior, he'd just lick his fur as if nothing happened or look at me with his huge eyes ( put in flatten ears and he could be the Puss-In-Boots from Shrek2).

Neko-chan is growing healthily too. I was surprised when i brought her to the vet for vaccination, she already weight 2.5kg. She was just 1.5kg the month before when I brought her for diarrhea treatment. She has delicate, small face but her body is getting plumpier. She is more vocal these days. I laughed when I saw here making cute noises while chasing a fly all over the house. She has also shown more signs of being in heat. Having another male cat intact at home really worries me. Even though Salem doesn't look like he is sexually matured, I will never know. I can't keep an eye on them 24-7 to make sure. So, for the meantime I have to confine her in the cage until I can spay her (prolly mid July). A friend told me, she has to wait for 2 weeks after her 2nd vaccination before she could undergo spaying surgery.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kitty Journal 12 - Neko-chan & My Other Boys II

I am happy to say my kittens is happy and active. Although I do have some flea / lice trouble at the moment, it will take some time and effort to clear that problem. Be Vigilant!

Neko-chan has gotten much better, I let her out of her cage and let her play with the boys.. She run here and there, wrestle with them. It gives me such delight to see her so active. Her diarrhea is gone, but I still monitor her soft poo. I still gave her Natural Balance Green pea & duck formula, now slowly incorporate Blackwood into her bowl. So far it goes well.. but her poo still smell sour, maybe because she hasn't had any deworm or vaccination yet. I'll get her for those next week :)

Sherbet is as usual, healthy, sneaky anc active. With a female kitten running around and wrestling with Salem, it makes Sherbet more active and running around the house too. He still does mischief, I just need to call out for him to stop and lie down still. Notti boy Sherbet.

Salem has flea allergy .. some of his fur is balding.. and he kept scratching himself. I send him to the vet, he got a jab for flea allergy and I put Frontline combo on all of my furkids. He's growing bigger now, more elongated than plump and such an affectionate kitten. He doesn't want to be held much, but whenever anyone hold him, he would start purring.. *laugh*. He's not a screaming banshee much these days, only when he's hungry or wants to get out of the cat room. Most of the time he spend his days chasing Neko-chan and Sherbet, wrestle with them and lie down wherever he wants.

House is always noisy these days, every now and then I can hear stuff falling down. Luckily I don't have any breakable ornaments in the house. Although I worry whenever I hear any of the kitten screamed in panic. Usually the other kitten were playing too rough. I took some pictures of them and I find Neko-chan is the hardest to snap a photo, she always move around. :)

I edited this photo of them, sniffing on catnip put under the pillow's cover.

Salem, Sherbet & Neko-chan

Salem, lying down on my mattress

Close-up of Salem, my my ..what big eyes you have!

Neko-chan, hiding from my phone camera.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Kitty Journal 11 - Neko-chan & My Other Boys

I haven't written anything on this blog for quite sometime.. Most of the time I think my life and the kitties are rather mundane, monotonous. Sherbet is as naughty as every and Salem is still the whiner. He seldom screams like a banshee but he still whines now and then when he feels bored or need the attention. Neko-chan has improved alot after I gave her Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck Formula. She no longer has runny poo but it's still rather soft and the frequency is still abnormal. I tried really hard to control her food intake these days, didn't want her to get even worse.

Tonight I let her out in the house and she spend the evening running around with my two boys, Sherbet & Salem. Makes the house a bit messy but as long as they are happy, I a
m content. Since the last time I wrote here, I've brought Neko-chan to the vet for four times in two weeks. I have to thank Kak Zai, one of the Petfinders forumers that gave me the suggestion for Neko-chan to try on Natural Balance kibble. It's worrying to see a female kitten's litterbox is more overwhelmed than the one shared by my two boys. I have a feeling it's still quite a long way before I can get this kitten fully recovered and healthy. The tough part is making sure she doesn't have access to any table food (or any other cat food) so I have to be vigilant and kept other cat food away from her.

These are her latest pictures:

Salem and Neko-chan on my bed.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kitty Journal 10 - Neko-chan & The Mines MCC Cat Show

I haven't post anything the last few days.. I was busy checking on Neko-chan.. Poor girl was so sick..

I went to the vet on Tuesday to get Neko-chan her vaccination and deworming. Unfortunately, she was running a fever and was denied both. I told the doctor she has been suffering from diarrhea and soft poo, so the doctor gave her 2 injections, told us he'd give antibiotic tablets and liquid medication for the diarrhea. We gave our thanks to the good doctor and settled the bills, went back home.

To my chagrin, Neko-chan's situation got worse.... her stool was so watery, eventually mucus came out.. I was worried, but I decided to wait and see if the medication would help lessen the situation. As day became night.. she was still suffering from diarrhea. I wondered that maybe it will take the meds a few days to cure the diarrhea. As time goes by, she got worse, really watery stool and I spend the time wiping the floor of her cage.... It was worrying, and she looked weak. Her stool has even lost the smell and form of normal cat stool, and it smells bloody. I decided to take her to the vet again today.

I woke up early and gave the vet a call to see if they're open and lucky enough, they're open. I got ready, put Neko-chan in the carrier and took her to the vet for the second time in the week. I was really worried.. Sherbet had had diarrhea before, but never this severe. We went in to see the vet and I told the vet what happened, even brought a sample of her stool. The vet says she probably got a case of viral infection and needed IV drip coz she was dehydrated. I smile, and told the doctor to be careful becoz Neko-chan is much more fierce compared to my two boys. She was growling when the doctor put in the needle and was in pain. Normal I reckon, IV drip is somewhat painful. I tried to hold her but she was moving too much it fell off... *sweat* .. the doctor said it was okay, enough liquid went into her body to ensure she's hydrated. Then the doctor gave her 2 injection, that was quite hard. By now, Neko-chan knows the stranger does something painful on her. She was growling and went quite feral it made the doctor jumped. Luckily nobody was scratched.. *laugh* and the good news is Neko-chan got treated. I asked the doctor about the antibiotics the gave me before and told me to stop the said antibiotics and they will give a new one. I said my thanks and went out of the consultation to settle the bills and take the medicine.
Arrived home 10minutes later and put Neko-chan back into her cage. I monitor her stool, the frequency of her diarrhea and found that it has improved a lot. There was less stool outside the litterbox and the consistency of the stool is much more better. I can see the digested food from her stool and no more mucous. She can eat and drink, although seem a bit lethargy, it is understandable. Even human would feel so weak with such a disease, imagine a small kitten.

Today is Monday, 3 days after the last I went to the vet and Neko-chan has improved a lot. Her diarrhea has reduced massively and her appetite has improved a lot. She was more affectionate, started to play around on her own or with me more and no more stool outside litterbox. With each passing day, I can feel she is less in pain. Her stomach was tender the first day, but by today she has no trouble with me holding and rubbing her stomach. Everyday I would take some time and let her out of her cage and roam the room. I can't let her play around with my two boys since she and Salem aren't neutered yet. I don't want to have births in my home, not ready and don't even want to breed cat. Too many strays roaming around my area makes me sad. Made me wonder how many kittens actually survived..

Yesterday I went to see a catshow hosted by the Malaysia Cat Club at the MINES Shopping Complex in Seri Kembangan with my bf. We went at 11.30am and toured the display. So many beautiful cats catches my eyes. I saw a familiar face from Petfinders but didn't have the courage to walk up and say hi. I wasn't that familiar with the person anyway, would be embarrassed if I walk up and says hi but the person would not even know me.. hehe.. I am a shy person anyway (roll eyes). I saw a sphinx, beautiful in it's own but I find it odd to see a fur-less cat. I saw a few Maine Coons, some Persians, Exotics but then again.. they could all be Domestic Long Hair, Domestic Semi-Long Hair or Domestic Short Hair for all I know.. (laugh). Still, they were all beautiful. Some were really huge .. I even commented they are like the St. Bernard of cats and some were petite. I hang out quite some time at Argo, a cat owned by Pakcu, a Petfinders member, at the catshow. I recognize him from the picture posted in forum and called his name from outside the cage. He was so affectionate, rolling over in the cage (I assume expecting a belly rub) and rubbing his face and body on the cage. Ohh, how adorable and cute.
Although it was a nice catshow and alot of people came, I was somewhat frowning at the visitors that came to the show. A lot of them poked their fingers in the cage, from one cat to another, some poked in straws, paper and even tissue into the cage. There is a lot of education needed to educate people on the danger of simply stroking one cat and another. The risk of transmitting disease, their oily fingers would rub off oil onto the shiny coat of the cat, and it also made the cats more scared. I fumed secretly inside, I am neither an owner of the cats there nor the committee. So I just stared at these people and wonder if they even listened half ear to the announcement the catshow committee has been saying. My bf pointed out it's human nature to want to touch something beautiful. True, but it is wrong. People should know that all the cats are part of family of the owner, would you be comfortable with strangers poking and stroking your child? I resisted the urge to touch any of the cats there after I read the complaint of a fellow catshow enthusiast. There is a lot of education needed to educate malaysians on the proper behaviour at catshows, or any exhibitions in my opinion. Probably the next time a catshow is held, a restriction walkway have to be created a meter away from the cages so that people won't poke their fingers in. I even saw a guy trying to get a picture of a cat by shoving his mobile inside the cage. Too bad the cat was too well behaved. I wish the cat was like my boys at home, swiped the mobile phone and push it down to the floor from the side of the cage (evil grin). I saw a kid got swiped on the face by a cute kitten. Serves the kids right (I laughed and said to my bf). Parent should educate their children how to behave in public and not poke a finger inside a cage (or your face in front of the cat's..haha ). I later found out the cat belonged to another member of Petfinders, EJ and the cat's name is Ray. Found out the cat has been rather grouchy the past few days, he even swiped the judge (laugh). I guess some guys have bad days (smile). Then again, if I were those cat, I would be grouchy too. It was noisy, strangers poking their head and fingers at me, it smells weird, I can smell so many different cat scent in the air.. I would be a terrified cat or a grouchy one, I tell you.
It was a nice experience for cat owners to put their cats in a catshow. Other than showing off your beautiful cats, you get to meet new people, make friends other cat lovers and get experience how to handle your cat during a catshow. I would probably love to join a catshow, but not till I can handle my cats properly. One is a "easily-terrified" kitten, one is a screaming banshee, and another is still sick and not to mention very grouchy. I can imagine Sherbet mewing frightened (or huddled in a corner shivering), Salem would probably mew from the top of his lung like he was destined for the gallows and Neko-chan would probably swipe and growl at every person that tried to peer into her cage(laugh). I bought some rubber mice for my kittens and a bag of clumping cat litter to test how good it is. I heard from some friends that Katty Cat clumping sand is very good and cheap at some places, so I decided to try. Better to try small amount before I buy a huge bag.
Next in my agenda is Salem's second vaccine and next week, if Neko-chan is healthy enough, it's her turn to get a vaccine. So many things to do everyday, life could never be boring. Never regret the decision I made to adopt a kitten, look where it got me now.. I feel happy everyday, I have plenty of exercise (scooping litterbox is serious business, I practically went into Master Archaeologist mode) and I get to have unconditional love and affection everyday. What else would a girl want? *Smile*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kitty Journal 9 - Neuter Part I

Saturday, April 11th

: I woke up early this morning, somewhat anxious for my 1st neutering experience. I've kept Sherbet in a cage without food or water the night before and imagining, how the process goes.

6.45am: I was ready to go and meet June, a forumer from Petfinder who is willing to give me a ride to the neuter clinic.

7.00am: Bf picked me up in front of my block and send us to the gas station not far from June's place. I covered the carrier with a T-shirt so that Sherbet won't be too frightened of the noise and sound while on motorbike.

7.15am: Arrived at the said petrol station and waited for a few minutes. A silver kancil, driven by a petite lady honked at us. Aha! It's June.. I recognize her from pictures I saw in Petfinder forums. I shake hands with her and off we went to the neuter clinic. We chat along the way, telling stories about cats. It shows how much she love cats and rescues them. I admire her dedication. Such effort is not cheap, or easy. It is time consuming and cost quite alot too.

8.00am: We arrived at the neuter clinic. Some workers are loitering around, waiting for their duties and the guard told us the clinic won't be open till 9am, we just nodded. Luckily, June bought some newspapers and we read abit while chatting about cats, experience with cats and such. I love meeting a person who has so much knowledge and experience. A good opportunity to learn. She told stories of a Persian, ran off frightened into a bushes nearby because the owner came without carrier of leash. A few barks from the dogs in the dog pound and the poor thing ran into the bushes. Said to take quite sometime to find it, owner got scolded by the doctor there (I was like.. it's so obvious.. stated in the rules and regulation to bring carrier / leash pets..*rolls eye*) I guess some owner didn't read much *laugh*.

8.30am: The staff there gave us Green colored form to fill in our particular and pet's. It's a neuter form, so I filled it and waited.

9.00am: Dr Krishnan came. We greet him and followed him into the office. By now, around 4, 5 people have arrived, carrying their pets for neutering. I love seeing other cats.. so beautiful. We went into the office, get our numbers and tag and leave the our cat in their respective carrier. We walked to a nearby stall to chat and have breakfast while waiting for the neuter process.

10.15am: We went back to the clinic to check on our pet but they haven't come out from the operating room yet. June told me, the vets there usually prefers to neuter male first than spay females because the procedure is much more easier. They just need a small incision, pull out the testicles, sew and cut it. We waited outside and chat.

10.30am: Many cats have been brought out of the operating room including my Sherbet. He looks weak and groggy, but he managed to lift his head and looked around. I heard from the assistant there, they will only let the pet leave operating room after they can lift their head up. My Sherbet looked weak and disoriented, poor kitten. But I know he will feel better soon. June's female stray cat hasn't come out yet. It's probably because there's a lot of male cats today, they do the neutering on male cats first. A man came with 2 cats was denied a neutering on 1 of his cats because it has an eye infection. The assistant explained to him the cat has some watery discharge from it's eye and advice the owner to get the cat to a vet for treatment before neutering. I just listened abit, paid the bill and waited outside.

10.45am: A couple came in with 2 huge carriers, each holding 3 cats. All the cats looked like adult. At a glance, they looked beautiful. I especially love the black one, and another brown colored pointed cat. As I peer into the carriers, I can smell pungent urine coming from the inside of the carriers. Hmm, I thought..that's odd. My Sherbet is a really scaredy cat but he never peed when he's scared. Closer inspection shows the cat's coat was rather dull. June asked the owner if the cats are stray, the guy told us it's theirs and they're giving it away. We went outside the office, sat there and discuss. The cats looks like it's not properly cared for.. they smell and the coat is dull. From the way the owner looks, they are not from a low income family. The car looks expensive, the carriers look sturdy and expensive. Can't help but wonder why they are giving away their cats.. but I dare not ask. Each to each own I guess...

11.15am: June's cat came out of the operation room, looking groggy and weak. She paid her bill and we went out the clinic. It was smoldering hot but we have to rush back. June has to rush for her work and I hate to impose on her. I told her to drop me off where she picked me up before and I'll tell my bf to pick me up there.

11.45am: We arrived at the petrol station and lucky enough, my bf arrived a minute later. I shake June's hand, give my thanks and went back to my place. Sherbet inside the carrier, covered with a T-shirt. I am totally indebted to June for the ride. I would have trouble getting my kitten to the neuter clinic but she has helped me tremendously. From the bottom of my heart, thanks alot June. I can't give you anything much than a thank you for now :-S

12.00am: I arrived at home with Sherbet safely. Put him in the cage and monitor him. Poor thing peed and wet himself. I read up cat after neutering will have trouble controlling their bladder and I understands. I am just glad Sherbet successfully went through the surgery. I am so relieved. The first experience was always the most frightening (for me anyway)..but I'm lucky to go with a fellow cat lover who is more experienced. I will be more ready for my next kitten neuter :)

The first few hour was gruelling for me.. I worry seeing Sherbet try to move around.. sometimes holding his head up.. sometimes falling asleep. I tried giving him kibbles and water..but he kept tilting the plate. I cleaned up the mess and asked fellow forumers about post-neuter care. Luckily BB pointed out it's better to give wet food for easier poo. I take out the kibbles, dump it in Salem's bowl and take out the wet food. It was lucky I kept extra wet food since Petsmore have some wet food promotion. I split a can of wet food for 3 kittens with me. Both Salem and Neko-chan ate fast and finished within minutes. Sherbet took hours to finish his share. Poor boy. I gave him encouragement and called his name. His cage smells of urine but I wasn't sure what to do.
I text June and ask her opinion on wiping Sherbet with wet towel, she gave the green light. Wiping is okay but keep it minimum. I carried Sherbet and locked him in the carrier, mopped the floor of the cage, wipe it dry and then takes Sherbet out, wiped his body with a towel dipped in warm water. I cleaned half his body which was covered with his own urine earlier. He didn't mew, so I'm guessing a wipe is okay for him. I cleaned him up and then put him in the cage again. He can already poo, which means he is getting better.
A few hours later, Sherbet can already sit comfortably and eat with more appetite. I am happy to see the development. I hope he will get stronger and better. He meow slowly when I called his name.. Such an affectionate boy...

On another note, Neko-chan is getting so much better. Her face is less "coarse" and the big crusty ringworm patch on her right abdomen is gone. It's smooth and fur less at the moment but I'm sure the fur there will grow back soon. I am really happy with the development and that she's getting better. I will monitor her more and give update on her soon.

Salem the screaming banshee..? He's happy and active as usual.. nothing bothers him..except if he's locked up somewhere or left behind somewhere (e.g : when I go to the bathroom and locked the door.. ). He mews loudly when Sherbet and I was at the clinic (my bf said).. I'm guessing he was worried about his big bro. As loving as this may sound.. he will still try to steal his brother's food if he can. Such a bad boy Salem... *laugh*

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitty Journal 8 - Rescuing the Smoky Stray

After seeing the kitten, I can't help but feel sorry for it. I wanted to do something but financially, I am not very ample. I posted the picture, some brief description and my worry about the kitten. I would take it if I could.. but I have 2 kittens, male.. another kitten, female..would mean my finance is stretched really thin. I asked friends in Petfinders, what would they do? In other words, I wondered if I should do something about the kitten.. Most probably I needed a nudge..
A few forumers replied, expressing worry and pity over the kitten. Some even offered to sponsor the kitten (since I was kinda tight).. for medical cost and such. I agreed to save the kitten. Was it because of the enthusiasm of the forumers? Definitely. Was it because I have some degree of compassion? Probably.. Was it because some people, stranger I never met would give me a hand with a stray nobody looked twice at? Most definitely. These people's love and helpfulness touched me. Some of them have a lot of cats and still are saving strays. Granted I am not as rich as I want to be (mostly because I don't even have a job..) but saving a kitten, a life should be important.

I decided to pick up the kitten as suggested by forumers. I was going to agree to have them give me some money for saving this kitten but I feel guilty. What if, after these friends I met through a forum gives me sponsorship for this poor kitten but I decided to keep it? Doesn't that make me a cheater? How will I pay them back? Can I pay them back? Will they trust me? and Do I trust them? All these questions circled my head. I asked my sister, who had agreed to help me finance my kittens to pay for her share. She had skipped payment for two months abd I have to push her to pay. She was the one that gave me a nudge to adopt kittens, but balked when told to pay. She promised, and she has to keep it. I am no push over. I knew she would never want the responsibility.. only wants to have fun and play with them. Well.. she has to play her part .. *grin*. I decided to decline the finance helped offered by forumers, I want to try and help her myself. I promised them, if I were too broke, I'll let them know. Sad to know I still have allowance, and from this allowance, I split my money for bills, groceries, kitten food and such. I know I'm really stretching my money thin this week, but I have to do something. I will have headache later when I have to pay my bills.. but I will worry when the time comes.
On wednesday night, at 11pm, I wore latex glove and searched for the kitten. It was sitting in front of a neighbour's door. I picked her up and quickly put her in the bathroom. I bathe her thoroughly with anti flea and mite shampoo, she didn't struggle much, just mews softly. Compared to Salem's loud screaming, hers was so soft, it's music to my ears. I scrubbed her clean and combed her fur to push out all the mites. I tried to rub her with a towel, but she struggled, so I just left her in the bathroom. I create a small compartment for her using a turned laundry basket, with makeshift shredded newspaper litterbox, food bowl and drinking water. I grabbed her in the bathroom and put her under the laundry basket. She mews for awhile..but stay quiet once under the laundry basket. I had kept both my boys in their room prior to picking her up. I cover the basket with cloth and let her rest in there for the night.
Thursday morning, I woke up early and waited for bf to come pick us up. We went to the government vet, 10minutes ride from my place. To my suprised, she hardly make any noise.. only a few mews and she was quiet all the way. It was mind-boggling, I had two screaming boys and this girl doesn't even make a squeak. She is well behaved in my opinion. At 8.30am, the vet has had a few people lining up for consultation. Thank god I came early, I told my bf. Vet has yet to open, but we're already no.4 that morning. Luckily the waiting was short because two people before us had appointment for neutering. We went in and showed the doctor. I was worried this ktiten had mange, a kind of burrowing mite. But doc looked and said it's ringworm. The side of her belly was infected too and was injected with some kind of steroid. She was angry, doc said the meds has burning sensation, it's bound to make the poor kitten angry. After a frontline smear, she's all done. Doctor told bf and I to put medicated cream on the infected area twice a day, and come back next week for vaccine, again in three weeks for the ringworm follow up check. I was slightly relieved there was nothing else dangerous. We went back happily and I started surfing for information on ringworm.
It was terrifying, this disease is highly contagious. I have two kittens at home and I worry, but I can't totally isolate her, it's too cruel. So, I decide to put her, still under the laundry basket and changed her bedding everyday. I make sure I wear gloves when handling her and wash my hands and feet after handling her. I'll try to be as careful as I can. We put the cream after we came back home and she slept, lie down quietly in her little spot. But I've noticed the scratching has reduce tremendously. The night before she was scratching all the time, but after the first medication, she has improved alot.
At night time, bf and I put the cream on her again and I was flabbergasted to see most of her face was infected with ringworm. It breaks my heart to see such beautiful, small creature hurt so badly. As heart-breaking as it is, I think the little kitten has it hard. She is confined in a strange house, she is being rub with some kind of icky stuff, and she has humans near her, but nobody pets her. I hope I can do more for her. I really hope so. As the night grow long and quiet, I glance at her in her small space and pray with all my heart, she will be better and healthier. I will ask friends in Petfinders if they have some alternatives, additional advice to help this kitten. I also feel I have to check her thorougly and see how bad her ringworm is. She doesn't trust us, but I hope she knows we're trying to help her. I will not say how she will end.. or where will she be in future.. for now.. I'll just say she's mine. The well mannered lady from the block. I will help you, as much as I can..
Oh yes, did I tell you? Bf and I named her Neko-Chan. :)



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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