Sunday, April 3, 2011

3rd HHP Catshow 27th March 2011

Salem, me & bf with the 4th place
ribbon on Ring 3.

Me, Salem & Shishi on stage for
the fashion show..

Salem on my lap

Salem on judging table Ring 1

Salem on judging table Ring 2

Salem on judging table Ring 3

Shishi in the cage

Shishi during judging on Ring 1

Shishi during judging on Ring 2

Shishi during judging on Ring 3

Ahh,... another cat show and this time I entered two cats in it, Salem & Shishi. I trained them as I could and hoped for the best. Sadly, my best wasn't good enough. Salem & Shishi was frightened most of the time and Shishi was the worse. She was so terrified, she practically trembled most of the time.

I had my bf and sister with me, and they helped me with carrying the cats and whatnot. What a hectic day! A lot of tough competition and beautiful cats!..

We did the best and Salem snagged the 1st ribbon as 4th place on the 3rd Ring. On Ring 2, Salem got 5th place and Shishi got the 9th place. On the last ring ( Ring 1 ), Salem was out on the first round.. but Shishi got through. Sadly, she was so frightened.. she peed in the judging cage (thank god at least it wasn't on the judging table X.x).. So, we came back with 3 ribbons and I am so proud my cats did their best.

Next came the fashion show and I regret 1 thing........ entering two cats on my own. Imagine carrying 2 cats, 5kg ++ at least on both hands on stage. My hands were numb, and both cats clung for their dear life on my shoulder. But we did our best and got 7th place for Shishi's Madam Red costume.



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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