Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kitty Journal 27 - The Noisy Ride

I was busy last week with Hari Raya Celebration and such, didn't have much time to sit in front of the pc to write. I brought back my cats with me last week, what a journey! Neko-chan and Sherbet were well behaved (or too scared to misbehave..) and sat quietly in the car for the 4hours journey. Salem was being a bad boy as he is and didn't stop mewing all the way from KL to JB. It was dreadful, I tried taking him out of the carrier and putting leash on him but he still won't stop. Good news is that it kept me awake (lol). We endured the noisy journey till I arrived at my parents and put all the cats into the cage.

My family and relatives were excited with my cats (especially Sherbet). The fluffy fur, the big body, Sherbet was everyone's eye candy that's for sure. At 1 year old, he weighs almost 7kg but sadly he's very scared. He huddled in a corner whenever my relatives came to look at him. Salem is the usual over-friendly cat among the three of them and always demands attention. He personally met every members of my family, shameless boy that he is. Neko-chan is the cool cat as usual, sat or lie down anywhere in the cage nonchalantly, as if she's right back at home. It was nice to see my family accepting my cats (even my mother who hates cats).

On the 4th day, I let them roam the house. Sherbet the timid and shy sniffs around cautiously while Salem just walk about anywhere, went downstairs and playing on the stairs. Neko-chan sniffs cautiously and made herself comfortable under the sofa. I let them out once in a while but Salem is starting to aggravate me. He slipped outside while I was having breakfast and didn't want to come in. After that incident, I had to close all doors and windows since Salem kept trying to go outside. Overall, it was a good experience bringing back my cats with me. But, on the way back to KL, as usual Salem made a racket and mews all the way back. I haven't seen my dad drove 4 hours JB to KL before, I bet Salem helped him stay awake. *Laugh*

I'm still contemplating on Hari Raya Haji, maybe I'll put them in boarding or bring them back. One thing's for sure though, I'm not bringing Salem back with me, he needs some kind of training being locked up *sighs*.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kitty Journal 26 - New cage at parent's & Cat Tree

I went back to my parent last weekend to borrow my dad's car for the Hari Raya holidays. Since cat boarding is quite expensive (especially when I'm going away for 11 days), I decided to bring all my cats with me this holiday.

I also brought back two projects with me, to built a cage and a cat tree for my cats. I find that buying the ready made is too expensive and not up to par. I was lucky too, since my dad has a lot of equipment to do simple carpentry. I was also lucky I took up AutoCAD back in the days. Designing is so much easier and cleaner with AutoCAD. It took 2 days to gather materials (although some stuff was bought by my parent before I came back to their home.

I have to say it's much more easier to find materials in my hometown rather than where I'm living now. It's so hard to find a fully stocked hardware store in KL. I showed my dad the design for the cage and cat tree and he'd comment the problem with the design, whether it's structurally stable or not, how much brackets needed, etc. Dad did most of the heavy duty drilling and screwing the wood. A whole day of labor, the cage is ready. We had to buy some more materials (the wire mesh) because we miscalculated. It would finished earlier but I dallied, only decided to assemble the cage after dinner.

Voila, the finished product. It's a bit crooked but hey, it's the first time I handled metal frame cages (the first cage I did used pvc pipe frame). My parent bought kitchen metal rack as the base frame of the cage but after some discussion, we realized using angle bar would be so much easier. Oh well, the important thing is that the cage is ready.

The completed cage, at the foot of my bed.

My second project was a cat tree, I never bought one before (was too expensive in my opinion) so I decided to make my own. It way easier than the cage and cheap too. It's rather bare at the moment but touch-ups can be done later.

The "bare" cat tree & Salem posing on the highest platform.

Next is my trip back to my hometown which is this Thursday. I look forward to a trip with my cats :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kitty Journal 25 - Excited for Hari Raya

I am somewhat ecstatic for the coming Hari Raya, not with the biscuits and cakes or dresses. But anxious on bringing all my cats with me. I will be back at my parents for 11 days and bringing my cats with me. Earlier this year, I thought of leaving my cats in boarding facility but after some calculations, it's too expensive. I decided to come back a week earlier and borrow my dad's car and then drive back to my parent's a few days before Hari Raya.

My sister of course is happy since she doesn't have to buy a train ticket back *laugh*. Even though the trip with my cats is somewhat a fortnight away, I'm already making a list of things to bring back with me. One must be cautious and write down what my cats need. Cat food, litter box, litter material, some toys, food & water bowl and the list goes on and on. I prefer to buy everything I need here in KL since I'm not sure the variety at JB (my parent's). Besides, I will be busy the first 4 days and I doubt I'll have time to run out and buy cat stuff.

Anyway, the clock is ticking and I hope I will be ready for the trip. This is so exciting, it's the first time I'm taking my furkids with me on a long journey. Thumbs up for us!

Kitty Journal 24 - Sexy Pose

Today I decided to write a little face-off, Salem vs Neko-chan on sexy poses.. *giggle*

It amazes me how I still go ooh and aah over my cats even after months of having them with me, they never cease to amaze me. I still laugh while looking at them sleeping, all those funny sleeping positions.
I haven't posted pictures of them for quite sometime, here goes..

Salem vs Neko-chan

Almost the same pose, but I feel Salem is sexier.

The staring contest..

Oohh.. tough one.. which stare is more piercing... hmmm

The last but not least, the "sleepy-look"

Ahh... this is even harder.. both looks adorable........

To all this my Sherbet says...

No comment, I'm the winnah...... :P

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kitty Journal 23 - The Road to Recovery

After 10 days of applying the cream on Salem, he seemed to get somewhat lethargy. I'm guessing it's the side effect of the cream. Either he licked the place where the cream was applied and ingest it or maybe it's the effect of the cream as it's absorbed through the skin.

We delayed the second re-visit due to some unforeseen circumstances. On the 25th August, we went for the second visit. I made a mistake of applying the cream the night before since it made diagnostic more difficult. I slapped my head hard, darn it!. The doctor took sample of Salem's skin and checked it under the microscope. Said Salem is having yeast infection problem. He was given antibiotics, antifungal pills and special shampoo for skin infection. Next re-visit will be in 10 days.
It's hard to say if things are getting better, I think it will take quite sometime before Salem get backs to normal.



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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