Monday, November 22, 2010

Shirahime is spayed now..

Yesterday at 9.26am, I send Shirahime to Klinik Kembiri Setapak for spaying. Seems there was a lot of female cats going to be spayed that day. I left her at the clinic and waited patiently for the phone call. At 1.45pm, I got the phone call that says she's done and ready to go home.

At 2.30pm I arrived at the clinic and took her back to my home. She was slightly groggy but already trying to stand on her own feet. I kept her in cage until now and she has gotten much better now. I saw her stitches it looks very clean, tidy and dying out nicely. I will keep her under surveillance and caged for a week. This is the time for her to relax :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shirahime's Pictures

Shirahime in a costume I made (haha)

Shirahime, when she arrived in my home

Shirahime and her beautiful blue eyes.

Shirahime the cutie pie.

Shirahime - The White Princess

Ah, the white princess. Although she is not entirely white *laughs*, it was a name I came up with my bf since all my cats have name starting with the letter "S". Sherbet, from Orange Sherbet (since he is a red /orange tabby cat).. Salem, from the show "Sabrina, the teenage witch" who has a black cat named Salem. My family and I just love that show, and of course the black cat. So feisty!

Shirahime comes from an anime I watched a few years back. I knew the cat was white but was never sure the actual color when it grow up. The anime was "Angelic Layer" and one of the characters have a doll name "Shirahime", a female doll wearing white kimono. It was the perfect name for my new kitten. Shirahime means "White Princess" in Japanese. Although Shirahime was somewhat of a seal lynx point, I think the name suits her well. But don't be deceived, although The White Princess seems like a very feminine and delicate name my kitten though is not *laughs*. She is small in stature, weighing 2.5kg at almost 6 months and she is fearless. She doesn't hesitate to pounce or hamstring her two elder brother who is twice, almost triple her size. She is a bit high strung, posses Salem's curiosity nature but Sherbet's cowardice facing new things. She is easily scared by any weird noise, any new things she hasn't seen and quite "scary" play time. She would pick one thing as her toy (a piece of felt cloth), a catnip toy, a tennis ball, etc and drag it around with her. She would pounce like mad on the toy she picks without caring about her surrounding. Sometimes I had to lock her up in a carrier or cage at night time because she likes to play near my bed and injured me (she scratched my eyelid once when I was sleeping). At the moment she is recovering from ear mites infection and things are looking really good. I plan to neuter her maybe end of this month, once her ear mites clear out.

On the other hand, Shirahime or Shishi has her cute side. She is affectionate and loves to cuddle. She doesn't squirm around when I carry her in my arms or put her in my lap. She also doesn't claw her way when people carry her (well, so far only my bf and I carry her around). She's not a very demanding cat, she likes to play on her own and hardly ever mew (unless she's really scared). Another thing I find funny is her ability to balance perfectly on my body. She likes to climb atop my body when I lie down on my bed. She would walk gracefully up and down, never once does her claw protrude. She would put her wet nose on my cheek and purrs loudly. It does make a good wake up call *laughs*. I even tried to put her on my bf's shoulder, and she stands on four legs gracefully. Such agility and balance. For now, I'm watching Shishi's development happily. Another good addition to my family. I just have to say having a female cat is different than male cat. They are more affectionate. Still, I love all my furkids.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New addition to the family


I adopted another cat early last month. It was a cat rescued by my friend, Kak June and fostered temporarily with Suhaimy (both from PF forum). I thank you both of them greatly for rescuing and taking care of my newest family.

After the death of Neko-chan, I felt the house was too manly *laughs*. I have two healthy and active male cats but I still miss Neko-chan, the only female cat I ever had. She was more affectionate compared to my two boys and I thought about adopting a female cat after Slim was let go. After a suggestion from Kak June, I decided to adopt the kitten that she rescued after it's fully weaned.

1st October 2010, I pick her up from Suhaimy and took her into my home. She was somewhat scrawny but active. I named her "Shirahime" or White Princess. I took her for medical check-up the next day and she is negative on both FeLv and FIV. That is a relief, but sadly she was diagnosed for ringworm. For the next two weeks I had to put her under ringworm medication and then she was also diagnosed with ear mites. We're still in the process of clearing that but it looks very promising.

She is a funny and cute kitten. Always curious and fearless, she never hesitate to pounce her two elder brother despite her size. Another cute characteristic of Shirahime is that she likes to climb on my body when I sleep. She would walk up and down my body, balancing herself perfectly. She also doesn't wiggle away when I put her in my lap or cuddle her close. Loud purrs always accompany her but she is somewhat high strung. Easily frightened by anything new. I love seeing her blue eyes. I've always wanted a cat with blue eyes. Thank you for letting me adopt her. *smile*

She also doesn't demand a lot of attention from me. Everyday she would pick something as her toy. Some day a tennis ball, another day a plastic ball with a bell in it, sometimes a piece of felt cloth that fell off from the cat tree and another time, a small cat face plushie. She would play and pounce on it for hours, then carry it around with her around the house. She is so cute and adorable. I'll post her picture some day. Oh my, I've written a lot. I shall continue again some other day.. For now, I'm gonna watch Shirahime (or Shishi for short) and her cute antics.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh dear..

Ahaha... *slaps forehead* I was so distracted I forgot to write on my kitty blog.. Shame on me. I can't believe last time I wrote was in May.. really? May? Oh dear, where has the time gone?

Anyway sometimes I don't feel like writing. Why? Nothing interesting happens. Well, granted my kitties behavior are cute but nothing out of the ordinary. Same old thing I guess.

Can't really say I was so busy with life I forgot to write here, not really. Sometimes you just find that your time passes so fast you don't even have time or feel like writing it down.

Does anyone follow my kitty blog? *laugh sheepishly*

To people who are follower, I thank you again. Of course, apologies are in order for my forgetfulness. I shall endeavor to write more of my kitty quirkiness and behavior. Let share all the fun moments shall we?



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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