Friday, April 17, 2009

Kitty Journal 10 - Neko-chan & The Mines MCC Cat Show

I haven't post anything the last few days.. I was busy checking on Neko-chan.. Poor girl was so sick..

I went to the vet on Tuesday to get Neko-chan her vaccination and deworming. Unfortunately, she was running a fever and was denied both. I told the doctor she has been suffering from diarrhea and soft poo, so the doctor gave her 2 injections, told us he'd give antibiotic tablets and liquid medication for the diarrhea. We gave our thanks to the good doctor and settled the bills, went back home.

To my chagrin, Neko-chan's situation got worse.... her stool was so watery, eventually mucus came out.. I was worried, but I decided to wait and see if the medication would help lessen the situation. As day became night.. she was still suffering from diarrhea. I wondered that maybe it will take the meds a few days to cure the diarrhea. As time goes by, she got worse, really watery stool and I spend the time wiping the floor of her cage.... It was worrying, and she looked weak. Her stool has even lost the smell and form of normal cat stool, and it smells bloody. I decided to take her to the vet again today.

I woke up early and gave the vet a call to see if they're open and lucky enough, they're open. I got ready, put Neko-chan in the carrier and took her to the vet for the second time in the week. I was really worried.. Sherbet had had diarrhea before, but never this severe. We went in to see the vet and I told the vet what happened, even brought a sample of her stool. The vet says she probably got a case of viral infection and needed IV drip coz she was dehydrated. I smile, and told the doctor to be careful becoz Neko-chan is much more fierce compared to my two boys. She was growling when the doctor put in the needle and was in pain. Normal I reckon, IV drip is somewhat painful. I tried to hold her but she was moving too much it fell off... *sweat* .. the doctor said it was okay, enough liquid went into her body to ensure she's hydrated. Then the doctor gave her 2 injection, that was quite hard. By now, Neko-chan knows the stranger does something painful on her. She was growling and went quite feral it made the doctor jumped. Luckily nobody was scratched.. *laugh* and the good news is Neko-chan got treated. I asked the doctor about the antibiotics the gave me before and told me to stop the said antibiotics and they will give a new one. I said my thanks and went out of the consultation to settle the bills and take the medicine.
Arrived home 10minutes later and put Neko-chan back into her cage. I monitor her stool, the frequency of her diarrhea and found that it has improved a lot. There was less stool outside the litterbox and the consistency of the stool is much more better. I can see the digested food from her stool and no more mucous. She can eat and drink, although seem a bit lethargy, it is understandable. Even human would feel so weak with such a disease, imagine a small kitten.

Today is Monday, 3 days after the last I went to the vet and Neko-chan has improved a lot. Her diarrhea has reduced massively and her appetite has improved a lot. She was more affectionate, started to play around on her own or with me more and no more stool outside litterbox. With each passing day, I can feel she is less in pain. Her stomach was tender the first day, but by today she has no trouble with me holding and rubbing her stomach. Everyday I would take some time and let her out of her cage and roam the room. I can't let her play around with my two boys since she and Salem aren't neutered yet. I don't want to have births in my home, not ready and don't even want to breed cat. Too many strays roaming around my area makes me sad. Made me wonder how many kittens actually survived..

Yesterday I went to see a catshow hosted by the Malaysia Cat Club at the MINES Shopping Complex in Seri Kembangan with my bf. We went at 11.30am and toured the display. So many beautiful cats catches my eyes. I saw a familiar face from Petfinders but didn't have the courage to walk up and say hi. I wasn't that familiar with the person anyway, would be embarrassed if I walk up and says hi but the person would not even know me.. hehe.. I am a shy person anyway (roll eyes). I saw a sphinx, beautiful in it's own but I find it odd to see a fur-less cat. I saw a few Maine Coons, some Persians, Exotics but then again.. they could all be Domestic Long Hair, Domestic Semi-Long Hair or Domestic Short Hair for all I know.. (laugh). Still, they were all beautiful. Some were really huge .. I even commented they are like the St. Bernard of cats and some were petite. I hang out quite some time at Argo, a cat owned by Pakcu, a Petfinders member, at the catshow. I recognize him from the picture posted in forum and called his name from outside the cage. He was so affectionate, rolling over in the cage (I assume expecting a belly rub) and rubbing his face and body on the cage. Ohh, how adorable and cute.
Although it was a nice catshow and alot of people came, I was somewhat frowning at the visitors that came to the show. A lot of them poked their fingers in the cage, from one cat to another, some poked in straws, paper and even tissue into the cage. There is a lot of education needed to educate people on the danger of simply stroking one cat and another. The risk of transmitting disease, their oily fingers would rub off oil onto the shiny coat of the cat, and it also made the cats more scared. I fumed secretly inside, I am neither an owner of the cats there nor the committee. So I just stared at these people and wonder if they even listened half ear to the announcement the catshow committee has been saying. My bf pointed out it's human nature to want to touch something beautiful. True, but it is wrong. People should know that all the cats are part of family of the owner, would you be comfortable with strangers poking and stroking your child? I resisted the urge to touch any of the cats there after I read the complaint of a fellow catshow enthusiast. There is a lot of education needed to educate malaysians on the proper behaviour at catshows, or any exhibitions in my opinion. Probably the next time a catshow is held, a restriction walkway have to be created a meter away from the cages so that people won't poke their fingers in. I even saw a guy trying to get a picture of a cat by shoving his mobile inside the cage. Too bad the cat was too well behaved. I wish the cat was like my boys at home, swiped the mobile phone and push it down to the floor from the side of the cage (evil grin). I saw a kid got swiped on the face by a cute kitten. Serves the kids right (I laughed and said to my bf). Parent should educate their children how to behave in public and not poke a finger inside a cage (or your face in front of the cat's..haha ). I later found out the cat belonged to another member of Petfinders, EJ and the cat's name is Ray. Found out the cat has been rather grouchy the past few days, he even swiped the judge (laugh). I guess some guys have bad days (smile). Then again, if I were those cat, I would be grouchy too. It was noisy, strangers poking their head and fingers at me, it smells weird, I can smell so many different cat scent in the air.. I would be a terrified cat or a grouchy one, I tell you.
It was a nice experience for cat owners to put their cats in a catshow. Other than showing off your beautiful cats, you get to meet new people, make friends other cat lovers and get experience how to handle your cat during a catshow. I would probably love to join a catshow, but not till I can handle my cats properly. One is a "easily-terrified" kitten, one is a screaming banshee, and another is still sick and not to mention very grouchy. I can imagine Sherbet mewing frightened (or huddled in a corner shivering), Salem would probably mew from the top of his lung like he was destined for the gallows and Neko-chan would probably swipe and growl at every person that tried to peer into her cage(laugh). I bought some rubber mice for my kittens and a bag of clumping cat litter to test how good it is. I heard from some friends that Katty Cat clumping sand is very good and cheap at some places, so I decided to try. Better to try small amount before I buy a huge bag.
Next in my agenda is Salem's second vaccine and next week, if Neko-chan is healthy enough, it's her turn to get a vaccine. So many things to do everyday, life could never be boring. Never regret the decision I made to adopt a kitten, look where it got me now.. I feel happy everyday, I have plenty of exercise (scooping litterbox is serious business, I practically went into Master Archaeologist mode) and I get to have unconditional love and affection everyday. What else would a girl want? *Smile*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kitty Journal 9 - Neuter Part I

Saturday, April 11th

: I woke up early this morning, somewhat anxious for my 1st neutering experience. I've kept Sherbet in a cage without food or water the night before and imagining, how the process goes.

6.45am: I was ready to go and meet June, a forumer from Petfinder who is willing to give me a ride to the neuter clinic.

7.00am: Bf picked me up in front of my block and send us to the gas station not far from June's place. I covered the carrier with a T-shirt so that Sherbet won't be too frightened of the noise and sound while on motorbike.

7.15am: Arrived at the said petrol station and waited for a few minutes. A silver kancil, driven by a petite lady honked at us. Aha! It's June.. I recognize her from pictures I saw in Petfinder forums. I shake hands with her and off we went to the neuter clinic. We chat along the way, telling stories about cats. It shows how much she love cats and rescues them. I admire her dedication. Such effort is not cheap, or easy. It is time consuming and cost quite alot too.

8.00am: We arrived at the neuter clinic. Some workers are loitering around, waiting for their duties and the guard told us the clinic won't be open till 9am, we just nodded. Luckily, June bought some newspapers and we read abit while chatting about cats, experience with cats and such. I love meeting a person who has so much knowledge and experience. A good opportunity to learn. She told stories of a Persian, ran off frightened into a bushes nearby because the owner came without carrier of leash. A few barks from the dogs in the dog pound and the poor thing ran into the bushes. Said to take quite sometime to find it, owner got scolded by the doctor there (I was like.. it's so obvious.. stated in the rules and regulation to bring carrier / leash pets..*rolls eye*) I guess some owner didn't read much *laugh*.

8.30am: The staff there gave us Green colored form to fill in our particular and pet's. It's a neuter form, so I filled it and waited.

9.00am: Dr Krishnan came. We greet him and followed him into the office. By now, around 4, 5 people have arrived, carrying their pets for neutering. I love seeing other cats.. so beautiful. We went into the office, get our numbers and tag and leave the our cat in their respective carrier. We walked to a nearby stall to chat and have breakfast while waiting for the neuter process.

10.15am: We went back to the clinic to check on our pet but they haven't come out from the operating room yet. June told me, the vets there usually prefers to neuter male first than spay females because the procedure is much more easier. They just need a small incision, pull out the testicles, sew and cut it. We waited outside and chat.

10.30am: Many cats have been brought out of the operating room including my Sherbet. He looks weak and groggy, but he managed to lift his head and looked around. I heard from the assistant there, they will only let the pet leave operating room after they can lift their head up. My Sherbet looked weak and disoriented, poor kitten. But I know he will feel better soon. June's female stray cat hasn't come out yet. It's probably because there's a lot of male cats today, they do the neutering on male cats first. A man came with 2 cats was denied a neutering on 1 of his cats because it has an eye infection. The assistant explained to him the cat has some watery discharge from it's eye and advice the owner to get the cat to a vet for treatment before neutering. I just listened abit, paid the bill and waited outside.

10.45am: A couple came in with 2 huge carriers, each holding 3 cats. All the cats looked like adult. At a glance, they looked beautiful. I especially love the black one, and another brown colored pointed cat. As I peer into the carriers, I can smell pungent urine coming from the inside of the carriers. Hmm, I thought..that's odd. My Sherbet is a really scaredy cat but he never peed when he's scared. Closer inspection shows the cat's coat was rather dull. June asked the owner if the cats are stray, the guy told us it's theirs and they're giving it away. We went outside the office, sat there and discuss. The cats looks like it's not properly cared for.. they smell and the coat is dull. From the way the owner looks, they are not from a low income family. The car looks expensive, the carriers look sturdy and expensive. Can't help but wonder why they are giving away their cats.. but I dare not ask. Each to each own I guess...

11.15am: June's cat came out of the operation room, looking groggy and weak. She paid her bill and we went out the clinic. It was smoldering hot but we have to rush back. June has to rush for her work and I hate to impose on her. I told her to drop me off where she picked me up before and I'll tell my bf to pick me up there.

11.45am: We arrived at the petrol station and lucky enough, my bf arrived a minute later. I shake June's hand, give my thanks and went back to my place. Sherbet inside the carrier, covered with a T-shirt. I am totally indebted to June for the ride. I would have trouble getting my kitten to the neuter clinic but she has helped me tremendously. From the bottom of my heart, thanks alot June. I can't give you anything much than a thank you for now :-S

12.00am: I arrived at home with Sherbet safely. Put him in the cage and monitor him. Poor thing peed and wet himself. I read up cat after neutering will have trouble controlling their bladder and I understands. I am just glad Sherbet successfully went through the surgery. I am so relieved. The first experience was always the most frightening (for me anyway)..but I'm lucky to go with a fellow cat lover who is more experienced. I will be more ready for my next kitten neuter :)

The first few hour was gruelling for me.. I worry seeing Sherbet try to move around.. sometimes holding his head up.. sometimes falling asleep. I tried giving him kibbles and water..but he kept tilting the plate. I cleaned up the mess and asked fellow forumers about post-neuter care. Luckily BB pointed out it's better to give wet food for easier poo. I take out the kibbles, dump it in Salem's bowl and take out the wet food. It was lucky I kept extra wet food since Petsmore have some wet food promotion. I split a can of wet food for 3 kittens with me. Both Salem and Neko-chan ate fast and finished within minutes. Sherbet took hours to finish his share. Poor boy. I gave him encouragement and called his name. His cage smells of urine but I wasn't sure what to do.
I text June and ask her opinion on wiping Sherbet with wet towel, she gave the green light. Wiping is okay but keep it minimum. I carried Sherbet and locked him in the carrier, mopped the floor of the cage, wipe it dry and then takes Sherbet out, wiped his body with a towel dipped in warm water. I cleaned half his body which was covered with his own urine earlier. He didn't mew, so I'm guessing a wipe is okay for him. I cleaned him up and then put him in the cage again. He can already poo, which means he is getting better.
A few hours later, Sherbet can already sit comfortably and eat with more appetite. I am happy to see the development. I hope he will get stronger and better. He meow slowly when I called his name.. Such an affectionate boy...

On another note, Neko-chan is getting so much better. Her face is less "coarse" and the big crusty ringworm patch on her right abdomen is gone. It's smooth and fur less at the moment but I'm sure the fur there will grow back soon. I am really happy with the development and that she's getting better. I will monitor her more and give update on her soon.

Salem the screaming banshee..? He's happy and active as usual.. nothing bothers him..except if he's locked up somewhere or left behind somewhere (e.g : when I go to the bathroom and locked the door.. ). He mews loudly when Sherbet and I was at the clinic (my bf said).. I'm guessing he was worried about his big bro. As loving as this may sound.. he will still try to steal his brother's food if he can. Such a bad boy Salem... *laugh*

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitty Journal 8 - Rescuing the Smoky Stray

After seeing the kitten, I can't help but feel sorry for it. I wanted to do something but financially, I am not very ample. I posted the picture, some brief description and my worry about the kitten. I would take it if I could.. but I have 2 kittens, male.. another kitten, female..would mean my finance is stretched really thin. I asked friends in Petfinders, what would they do? In other words, I wondered if I should do something about the kitten.. Most probably I needed a nudge..
A few forumers replied, expressing worry and pity over the kitten. Some even offered to sponsor the kitten (since I was kinda tight).. for medical cost and such. I agreed to save the kitten. Was it because of the enthusiasm of the forumers? Definitely. Was it because I have some degree of compassion? Probably.. Was it because some people, stranger I never met would give me a hand with a stray nobody looked twice at? Most definitely. These people's love and helpfulness touched me. Some of them have a lot of cats and still are saving strays. Granted I am not as rich as I want to be (mostly because I don't even have a job..) but saving a kitten, a life should be important.

I decided to pick up the kitten as suggested by forumers. I was going to agree to have them give me some money for saving this kitten but I feel guilty. What if, after these friends I met through a forum gives me sponsorship for this poor kitten but I decided to keep it? Doesn't that make me a cheater? How will I pay them back? Can I pay them back? Will they trust me? and Do I trust them? All these questions circled my head. I asked my sister, who had agreed to help me finance my kittens to pay for her share. She had skipped payment for two months abd I have to push her to pay. She was the one that gave me a nudge to adopt kittens, but balked when told to pay. She promised, and she has to keep it. I am no push over. I knew she would never want the responsibility.. only wants to have fun and play with them. Well.. she has to play her part .. *grin*. I decided to decline the finance helped offered by forumers, I want to try and help her myself. I promised them, if I were too broke, I'll let them know. Sad to know I still have allowance, and from this allowance, I split my money for bills, groceries, kitten food and such. I know I'm really stretching my money thin this week, but I have to do something. I will have headache later when I have to pay my bills.. but I will worry when the time comes.
On wednesday night, at 11pm, I wore latex glove and searched for the kitten. It was sitting in front of a neighbour's door. I picked her up and quickly put her in the bathroom. I bathe her thoroughly with anti flea and mite shampoo, she didn't struggle much, just mews softly. Compared to Salem's loud screaming, hers was so soft, it's music to my ears. I scrubbed her clean and combed her fur to push out all the mites. I tried to rub her with a towel, but she struggled, so I just left her in the bathroom. I create a small compartment for her using a turned laundry basket, with makeshift shredded newspaper litterbox, food bowl and drinking water. I grabbed her in the bathroom and put her under the laundry basket. She mews for awhile..but stay quiet once under the laundry basket. I had kept both my boys in their room prior to picking her up. I cover the basket with cloth and let her rest in there for the night.
Thursday morning, I woke up early and waited for bf to come pick us up. We went to the government vet, 10minutes ride from my place. To my suprised, she hardly make any noise.. only a few mews and she was quiet all the way. It was mind-boggling, I had two screaming boys and this girl doesn't even make a squeak. She is well behaved in my opinion. At 8.30am, the vet has had a few people lining up for consultation. Thank god I came early, I told my bf. Vet has yet to open, but we're already no.4 that morning. Luckily the waiting was short because two people before us had appointment for neutering. We went in and showed the doctor. I was worried this ktiten had mange, a kind of burrowing mite. But doc looked and said it's ringworm. The side of her belly was infected too and was injected with some kind of steroid. She was angry, doc said the meds has burning sensation, it's bound to make the poor kitten angry. After a frontline smear, she's all done. Doctor told bf and I to put medicated cream on the infected area twice a day, and come back next week for vaccine, again in three weeks for the ringworm follow up check. I was slightly relieved there was nothing else dangerous. We went back happily and I started surfing for information on ringworm.
It was terrifying, this disease is highly contagious. I have two kittens at home and I worry, but I can't totally isolate her, it's too cruel. So, I decide to put her, still under the laundry basket and changed her bedding everyday. I make sure I wear gloves when handling her and wash my hands and feet after handling her. I'll try to be as careful as I can. We put the cream after we came back home and she slept, lie down quietly in her little spot. But I've noticed the scratching has reduce tremendously. The night before she was scratching all the time, but after the first medication, she has improved alot.
At night time, bf and I put the cream on her again and I was flabbergasted to see most of her face was infected with ringworm. It breaks my heart to see such beautiful, small creature hurt so badly. As heart-breaking as it is, I think the little kitten has it hard. She is confined in a strange house, she is being rub with some kind of icky stuff, and she has humans near her, but nobody pets her. I hope I can do more for her. I really hope so. As the night grow long and quiet, I glance at her in her small space and pray with all my heart, she will be better and healthier. I will ask friends in Petfinders if they have some alternatives, additional advice to help this kitten. I also feel I have to check her thorougly and see how bad her ringworm is. She doesn't trust us, but I hope she knows we're trying to help her. I will not say how she will end.. or where will she be in future.. for now.. I'll just say she's mine. The well mannered lady from the block. I will help you, as much as I can..
Oh yes, did I tell you? Bf and I named her Neko-Chan. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kitty Journal 7 - Salem's Vaccine, The Sick Cat & The Smoky Stray

Salem had his first vaccine yesterday, and he looks okay. When my kittens get their first vaccine, I breathe a sigh of relief.. this means their chance of survival is upped and I won't worry as much.. Salem reacts differently to the vaccine though.. last time, when Sherbet got his first vaccine, he slept all the way home. Salem, as usual, screams loudly all the way. Guess that's a way to know my black banshee here is healthy.. *laughed*.

At the vet, we saw a lady holding a huge cat, wrapped in a sarong. The cat looks beautiful, white with black spots. As we smiled at her, she told us her cat has blood in pee problem and the bloody smell was too much. As she walked by, we can smell the urine and I thought this cat have a serious problem. There was alot of people at the vet and Salem, the little banshee was really restless. He was probably looking for Sherbet, and uncomfortable with crowd and the smell of other cats and the dogs. After waiting for almost an hour, our number were called into the consultation room. Lo and behold, the white cat earlier was on the table in the same consultation room, sedated. It's huge eye were wide and unblinking, sending shivers down my spine. I looked and saw a small pool of blood in a metal bowl on the table, his pee wets the thick paper lining the table and the doctor was checking his fur. I guessed the cat had flea or mite problem and I was right, as I saw the doctor put on Frontline on it's neck. As the doc put the cat on IV drip, I asked "what was the problem?" and she said "The cat's can't pee, too much eating low quality cat food and nothing else". I was shocked, the doctor named some brands and I gave my kittens those brand back when I just started having cats at my home. From the conversation we had earlier with the cat's owner, the cat is 3 years old and been eating the said cat food for the duration. It was horrifying, for a cat to eat the cat food for 3 years and get THAT sick. Imagine if he ates em longer.. (cat have been said to live for 15 years). I thanks my friends in Petfinders for pointing me at the right direction in cat nutrition. Imagine how much it costs to cure ur beloved cats, just because you skimp on their food. Prevention, is always better than cure...

Today, I went to shop for a water bottle for pets and was surprised when the salesperson said it is unsuitable for cats to use the water bottle. I decided not to buy it and caught my attention on a carrier. I need a sturdy carrier and something smaller than what I had with me at home. We found a nice, yellow carrier, sturdy for quite a bargain, in my opinion. Bought some wetfood for furkids at home and came home for awhile, to send the items I've bought and quickly went to the hypermarket to buy some groceries.

I saw a kitten, sitting on the old table near the elevator. Ah, I've remembered my bf talking about it, how beautiful the color of the kitten, how friendly. It followed my bf to my house one day but we can't let it in because my 2 kittens are quite fierce to newcomers and I'm afraid the stray might have some disease. I looked closely and saw that it is very beautiful, looked closely at it's behind and saw that it's female. How beautiful, I thought to myself. I comtemplate about her as I went to the hypermarket. How I would love another kitten, a female.. but alas, I can't afford one. Having another kitten would mean I have to buy another litterbox and another bag of cat littersand. I am already stretching my money as it is. I also have 2 male kittens not yet neutered, aged 6 and 3 months old. One is due for a neuter soon, and I'm stretched out financially. I could never bring in a female kitten. I feel sad, helpless, here is a beautiful, tame kitten but there's nothing I can do about it. Times like this I wish I have the money to help it.. get it cleaned, healthy and maybe put up for adoption or keep it all for myself. Somewhere along the way, I find that I love cats. They weren't merely companions, they are my family, my heart and soul. If I could have my way, I want to save them all.
I came back from shopping and watched the kitten with sad eye, I can't help her as I helped my 2 boys. I hope, with all my might that she will be healthy and still be around everyday. I asked bf to give her some catfood so she won't starve. I really hope, she won't get pregnant soon and have more stray kittens running around the place unmanaged. I can only wish, hope and look from afar.
At the moment I wrote this blog, I wondered if I should name her..
Seeing alot of "Salems" in the apartment area makes me sad.. I just heard a young kitten mews downstairs, a replica of my screaming banshee and I wondered, how fast can a cat get pregnant.. and wondered..

Am I doing enough just to give them food? I could only give a loud sigh and stare out the window at the stray running around in the children's playground. I could only wish I can do more...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kitty Journal 6 - DIY Cat Tunnel & Kitty Bathtime

I was restless and awake at 5am this morning, and decided to make my own DIY Cat Tunnel... I had some leftover from the DIY cage I made a few days ago and some cloth (which has been lying around since god knows when..). I got the idea, the rough sketch.. the hard part is the sewing, since I don't have any sewing machine

I cut the leftover metal mesh into 2 strips, same length and dull the sharp edge by folding them over and put a duct tape over it. Lay down the metal strip on the cloth, cut it and starts sewing.. An hour later, with a needle, a roll of thread, love, sweat and neck pain (damn, sewing manually sure is tough on ur neck). Voila!

Finish product..

Here I have my two lovely kittens modelling in the cat tunnel..

I slept late and woke up late today.. kitten were scrambling to get out of their room. I woke up groggily, opened their door and let them run around while I boil water. Saturday is a beautiful day for bathing session for my 2 lovely furkids.. For some unbeknown reasons, I love bathing my kittens, doing basic grooming on them. I pour the boiling water into a pail and pour in cold water, gauging the temperature. I grab a towel for Salem and he shall be the first swimmer! ... Since he's small, he's rather easy to manage, I just grab him and hold him firmly while scrubbing his fur.. I love the kitten's smells of apples and lasts for days. Salem is pretty quick to clean, wet his fur.. put on shampoo.. scrub everywhere.. and rinse. I slowly squeeze the water out of his fur and voila, he's done. I wrapped him in his towel.. all warm and cuddly.
Salem all warm and cuddly..

Sherbet on the other hand is quite a struggle.. Once we stepped into the shower room, he knows what is happening.. He starts roaming around the bathroom and mewing, staring at me. I bathe him carefully since I had bad experience of him, clinging on to my chest last week.. I wet his fur slowly, calling his name, talking to him, reassuring it's all okay. Then same as Salem, I put the shampoo, scrub him up and down. Sherbet took some time since he's a Semi-Long Hair cat. He didn't struggle as last week, just very vocal. I'm guessing the water temperature is suitable. A good scrub, a nice rinse and wrapped up in a huge towel. Salem gets dry easily since he's shorthaired, but Sherbet took some time. Since Sherbet is frightened at the sound of vacuum cleaner and hair dryer.. I just left him in the cage that I made a few days back for him to get dry.

After a nice bath, I gave them anchovies and a nice, yummy Fancy Feast wetfood. Both gobble them up fast and after a nice bath, a good meal..both went for a nice nap...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kitty Journal 5

Something funny happened yesterday in my apartment. I turn on television and watch now and then while sitting in front of computer. On air was the show "999", a show about real life police raid, murder case, police stuff. To my surprise, Salem was watching the show quietly. Who would've thought? My kitten likes police show.. haha.. He watched the show till finished and fall asleep in front of the television..

I have kept my cute kittens in their room the past few weeks every time I eat or sleep. Yesterday, after seeing them sleeping on my mattress I decided to let them sleep with me. Nothing like having a warm body snuggle up to you :)

Lucky enough, both my kitten is sleeping happily. Salem is curled up next to my thigh, Sherbet prefer to sleep on his own, on a chair near the bed. It was restful, none of them did any mischief till morning.

Sherbet likes to spend his time hanging out by the window, watching whatever was outside. Daytime, it's usually the birds..night time, I could only wonder. He has been very affectionate lately, rubbing his face and fangs almost everywhere.. Maybe he's marking his territory?

I have also seen the hierarchy system working in my house. Once in a while I would see Salem grooming his brother, Sherbet, licking his ears, face, neck. I'm guessing Sherbet is the alpha male in the house.. a cuddly one. Sometime I call him little tiger, because of his coloring..

Today was fogging day at my apartment. At 5pm, I can hear the humming of the machine, and faintly smell the smoke coming in. I quickly let out both my kitten from their room, since I know how frighten Sherbet can be. He was running back and forth in the living room, hiding under the chair. But I guess the noise was still too loud for him to handle, he jumped on my lap but looked anxious. He was looking around, frightened. I had to hug him closely and mutter soothing word of comfort to calm him down. After the fogging sound pass by, Sherbet calmed down and went about his business as usual (laze around the house, curl n sleep wherever he wants, run around with Salem). Sherbet is easily frightened by loud noises, he would run to curl by my feet whenever that happens. I think he has improved a lot these days, the first month I had him, he was easily frightened by the sound of footstep outside my front door, children running about, practically any sound would make him run back to my feet, ears flat. These days, only the loud fogging machine scared him. Although he curls near my feet when it's raining. The psychology of cats, it is so mysterious to me. I want to learn and know more about it :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kitty Journal 4

I woke up early today to send Salem to the vet for his 1st vaccine and deworm treatment. It's mind boggling how the small, puny kitten bf and I picked up at the dumpster grow up to be healthy, active and somewhat a screamer..

At 8.15am, I was set and ready to head to the vet. Grabbing Salem and put him inside the carrier was a breeze, he's still small and doesn't struggle much (unlike Sherbet). He looks kinda panicky at start, but I figured it would be so since he is a kitten that hates to be caged. I went downstairs to ride the bike with bf, I haven't even sit on the motorbike when Salem started singing soprano. It was somewhat a 10minute grueling ride. Salem was screaming his lung off, and I was feeling embarrassed. The way Salem was screaming, you'd think I was abusing him, pulling his nails out one by one. I dreaded the stop at red light, passerby and other motorcyclist was looking at us. Typical Salem, he just never shut up. As we got closer to the vet, I anticipated a few minutes of taking him out and calming him down before vet consultation.

To my surprise, the vet was having a Veterinary month event and the clinic was closed for the day. They invited us to join, some even thought we were one of the demonstrator for the event. I just laughed at the idea. I would love to stay for the event if it was Sherbet that I brought with me. He's much more quiet than Salem. I had to decline their offer and got ready to go back home. They asked us to put our name on the guest book and we did just that, got 2 goodie bags for us. Cool, a sample of cat food, multivitamins and some snacks for us. Happily we went back home, as usual, Salem is screaming his lungs off. One could only wonder how a small kitten can scream for such a long time and not have sore throat. That's my banshee.. a mere 20-30minutes screaming is nothing to him.. he can go for hours when I lock him in the kitty room with Sherbet when I sleep. Time could only tell when will Salem stop screaming like a banshee and my guess is.. never.. lol...



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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