Friday, March 19, 2010

Kitty Journal 45 - Another Rescue Effort

Opps, I did it again. Reminds me of Britney Spear's song and I have to admit it, I did it again. I rescued another cat. This time it's the black tabby dslh that has been hanging around my corridor. He looked beautiful at first, and I thought he belongs to someone but I was wrong (dead wrong to be exact).

After seeing him on and off these past 2 months (and feeding him whenever he comes to my door), I decided to cat nab him. I don't care if he was someone's cat, since he was looking worse each time he came to my door. I can see him so hungry, and patches of ringworm starting to be more visible on his head and scruff.

I took him in and gave him a bath (anti flea / mite shampoo of course). While bathing, I checked his claws and it was not as sharp as I thought it was. He was so skinny, practically skin and bones and his ringworm was a lot worse than I anticipated. I called my bf and decided to bring him to the vet the next morning.

At the vet, they gave him ringworm shot and a dose of Frontline, to curb the mites running around on his skin. We asked the vet to give anti-fungal cream to be applied on his skin. The vet told me the ear drop I bought months before can be used to cure ringworm too. But to be on the safe side, I asked for the cream (I wasn't sure if the ear drop is enough, I used it quite frequently to clean my other cats' ears).

Thus begin the extra careful, cleaning days of my life (it reminds me of the days I brought in the late Neko-chan into the household). Everyday I have to put anti-fungal cream on the cat and maintain a strict disinfecting routine. I cleaned the area outside the cage and the equipment I used since ringworm can spread easily to human (or other animals). Phew, I sure feels like a microbiology student *sweat*..all these sterilization and whatnot. Hopefully the black tabby (Oh yes, we named him 'Slim' since he's so skinny and it goes well with my other cats name i.e Sherbet and Salem) will get better in a week or two. Last time I treated the late Neko-chan, she got better after a week. Good luck to me and Slim now! *thumbs up*

Hello, my name is Slim

I may look healthy but I am quite sick :(

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitty Journal 44 - Picky Cats *Sighs*

Arghh.. this week I want to rant about my picky cats. I have Sherbet who needs to take his liver supplements daily who is somewhat a picky eater. He's suppose to take his supplements with wet food BUT he prefers dry kibbles and most of the time refuses to eat the wet food mixed with supplement *groan out loud*. I even try fasting him, but still Mr-Picky-Eater refuses to finish his food (even though I only put a spoonful of wet food so that he will finish the food). On the other hand, Salem is the lover of wet food. He prefers wet food over dry food but when there's no other choice, he would still eat the dry kibble.

At this moment I have to separate Salem and Sherbet when feeding wet food and usually have to confined Sherbet in the cat room until he finishes his food.

On a side note, I found this article about stray cats in Japan and I find it somewhat cute
It's A Cat's World
Here is more about Tama-chan, the famous cat Super Station Master.. isn't he cute?
Cat In Hat Can't Quit

Picture courtesy of Lets Japan, Cats Eye Stationmaster Posts

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kitty Journal 43 - A Very Good News

After two weeks of eating liver supplements, I send Sherbet for another blood test today. As usual, he's scared witless going to the vet. Mewing loudly and restless in the carrier I brought him in. He was trembling but it went well. Vet weight him and if I remembers correctly, he gained 0.06kg the last two weeks. My red tabby is now at a whopping 5.56kg. He's gaining weight and this is a good thing to me, it's a sign that his appetite is back. Though the vet caution me not to feed Sherbet too much else he'd get too fat and can easily get heat stroke. I'll try to reduce his portions now.

Every cloud has a silver lining and after a month of being worried and anxious, my silver lining has shown itself. A month after Neko-chan passed away and more than three weeks after Sherbet was diagnosed with liver toxicity, I was granted a good news today. At 3.06pm, the vet called me regarding the blood test. The liver parameter has shown normal results. I breathe a sigh of relief. Finally after weeks of going back and forth to the vet and making sure Sherbet finishes the supplement vet gave me, his liver is back to normal. Thank god for his recovery. The vet told me to continue Sherbet's liver supplement diet and then come in next week for another blood test. If it's still within the normal range, then he is clear and can stop taking the liver supplements. I gave my thanks to the vet and smile happily. My naughty boy is finally getting better and I feel so relieved.

I didn't want to think how much I have paid for his recovery but I am so glad he's getting better. No one is to blame for the cost except myself for endangering my cat's life. I'm glad I figured out the problem and took care of it before another life is lost. Thank god for everything and thank god I have given another chance to be with my beloved cats much longer. Today is a good day..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kitty Journal 42 - Hello March!

Ah, how time flies, it's already March 2010. Where did the time go?

Let me list out the timetable for Sherbet. What Sherbet does most of the day..

Nap and then occasionally wakes up to snack on kibbles.
Sometimes I climb onto the chair or the shelf beside Mama to nap.
Sometimes I climb onto Mama's computer table and naps on Mama's hand. It's so warm and nice.

Walks around the apartment and mew at mama, wanting snacks (snacks are hidden).
Sometimes comes to sleeping mama and begs for food.
Sometimes comes to cuddle with mama.
If mama is on computer, I jump up to the computer table and ask for petting. I like staring at the colorful picture on the computer *stares*. Mama gets angry sometimes because I made the computer do beep beep sounds.
Naps here and there. It is so hot, I like to take naps.

I mew at mama and begs for food. Mama says no, but I make a cute, sad face for mama to give me snacks. Mama laughs at me but still says no to snacks.
I play chase with Salem and we fight around. I like pouncing with Salem, he doesn't back down or get frightened. We are like brothers!
Sometimes I climb the cat tree Mama made and stare at the scenery. Many people and animal outside, I like looking at them. Oh look! There's a yummy bird flying by. *Stares*

Mama take out the dangling toy. I like it when Mama take out that toy. I chase it up and down, across the room. Sometimes the red toy ran away, I like pouncing on it.

Mama takes out yummy food for me and Salem. Oh, the smell is so good! Hurry hurry Mama, I want to eat it fast! It's so delicious.


Finish eating, groom myself and laze around. Ah, my tummy is so full.
I like taking a nap near the front door on the blue carpet. The wind from outside is cooling.

I walk around the house, climb the cat tree and pounce Salem. We play and chase each other till Mama tells us to slow down. It was so much fun! Sometime I follow Mama around and stalks her. Mama loves playing hunter and prey with me.
Sometimes I hear noises outside our door, it frightens me. I hide under Mama's table.
Sometimes I snack on kibble Mama put out. I like the kibble, it's yummy.



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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