Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kitty Journal 22 - Balding Spot II

I forgot to write down about Salem's balding spot problem. We decided to go to the government vet hospital for check-up, I showed them the bald spots on Salem and they gave him an injection. They didn't offer explanation, and I guess I assumed it was maybe flea allergy reaction. I guess, as a cat owner I still fails at getting explanation from the veterinarian. In a way, I usually forgot to ask. Then I toss and turn later in the night and wondered why I didn't ask in for more details.

Enough about my silliness, lets talk about Salem. After the injection, the vet told us to come back in three weeks for re-visit and evaluate the treatment. We waited patiently for 10th of August to arrive but I was getting anxious, Salem's problem has yet to go away. Some of his balding spot kept getting bigger and no improvement whatsoever.

On August 10th, we went for a follow-up. A different vet attended my Salem and he said my Salem had fungal infection. I was somewhat shocked, fungal? I asked if fungal infection is contagious and he answered yes. It's very contagious and should be quarantined. I was puzzled, if it really is fungal infection, wouldn't my two other cats will be infected too? Since they've play together for more than a month (especially after I've neutered Salem & Neko-chan). Yet I didn't see any hints of balding spot on Neko-chan or Sherbet. The vet seems sure of his diagnose so I just let it pass, but he told me to take Salem for blood test at any private vet if the problem doesn't improve in three weeks. At the counter, they gave antibiotics for Salem.

The mention of blood test got me slightly worried, and I had to find a private vet for consultations. I asked a friend, June for opinion and she told me to go for blood test earlier rather than wait three weeks. It could be deadly by then, so I decided to look around and asked others. I got lucky because June told me, another PetFinders forumer had consulted a private vet not too far from my area and the cost was very reasonable.

I went earlier this morning and met Dr. Ragu. She was friendly enough, checking Salem's body thoroughly and asking questions about flea control, and then she took scrapings of Salem's skin (on the balding spot) and looked under the microscope. Good news is that my Salem didn't have mite, tick or flea problem. He also is cleared from fungal infection problem. The doctor told me it's probably due to slow fur growth. Doctor gave Vitamin B-Complex and topical cream for Salem and come for re-visit on the 23rd. All in it was rather cheap, since it's a private clinic. I was happy to hear that my Salem didn't have dangerous disease.

Now, I have to remember to rub the cream twice a day and give Salem his vitamin once a day. Lets hope for the best ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kitty Journal 21 - Daily Routine

*Sigh* I haven't written in this blog for quite some time. Nothing much to write in my opinion, some things are best to be seen and memorized, etched into my memory. I think I am not a person that likes to write down whatever comes through my mind. I prefer to quietly keep them deep in my mind and recalls them in future. But then, what purpose of this blog if it's not to be written in, eh? .. I contradict myself.. ick.

I shall start with Sherbet. His daily routine is sleeping, usually on the pile of slippers and shoes I have near the front door. For some unknown reasons he loves sleeping there. I tried to carried him away to my bed or somewhere for, comfortable but he will wake up and walk back to the piles of slippers and sleep there. I gave up trying to move him. Then he will wake up, stretch his body (Ah, I love to see cat stretching) front leg stretched out, front abdomen on the floor while the lower abdomen high on the air. Then there's the spine curve stretching, he will bring his front and hind leg close, stretch middle of his spine upward till it make a small bump. Cats looks so adorable when they do that. Sherbet will usually wakes up Neko-chan or Salem for grooming, he always disturbs them sleeping and make them groom him thoroughly.
After some stretching, he will come and scratch the carpet which I laid out on the hall. Then it's off to snacking or coming to me for a nice rub. Next is the playtime, usually Sherbet would be running and chasing the other two cats or wrestling with them. These are the usual Sherbet's routine. When he wants attention, he would usually climb the table and sit in front of me. This means rub time. When he wants to beg for special food (raw chicken, tablefood..etc) he would lie down near my feet and roll around, stretching his body. Compared to my other two cats, I think Sherbet is the closest to me and most affectionate.*chuckles*

Next is Neko-chan. Her routine starts as usual, sleeping usually on the pile of dirty laundry I have in the room. Sometimes she sleeps on the chair near me or on a small rug near my computer. As the other cats, she will stretch her body after waking up and scratch her claws on the carpet. Sometimes she would come over when I'm lying down or sleeping and purrs in my face or, lick my hair. She loves playing with long hair and I have to be careful when I let my hair loose so she won't end up pouncing my face instead. She's the most well behaved among the three cats I have at home. She always play by herself of chase the other two boys around the house. She is also very well adapt at climbing, I've caught her climbing atop my clothes hanger and climbing naco windows. Hence I always opened my windows no bigger than 2 inch wide. Falling from the second floor can be rather deadly I think.
Neko-chan is very close with Salem, I always see them hanging out together. Maybe it's the closeness in size, maybe it's the fact that both of them were strays picked up from the streets. Then again, it could be because of their age. I assume Neko-chan is probably one or two months older than Salem since her molar tooth are more well formed than Salem. Neko-chan is also a healthy eater, she eats almost the same amount as Sherbet. Though I wondered where all the nutrient went, she's still scrawny in my eyes. A bit plump on her lower half, but still have a rather petite face. Neko-chan is also the best sprinter in the house. It took sometime for me to catch her if I want to groom or bathe her. Sometime I would just chase her around the house for fun. I think she loves to run around too. She can be quite vocal too, especially when she wrestles with the boys. She won't hesitate to meow loudly if she doesn't like how they play with her. It's really funny to hear the voice she made when she saw a fly somewhere in the house. *laughs*

Last but not least, Salem. He's already seven months now but still such a baby. He likes to sleep somewhere near my feet, next to me on bed, or on a rug near my computer. Although he stays close, he doesn't like to be hug or carried around much. After waking up, he would usually stretch and scratch his claws (same as my two other cats). Then he would come over to me for his chin rubs, and then the usual cloth sucking. Mind-boggling why he would still do that even though he's already seven months old now. He loves to run, chase and wrestle with the other two cats. But he's the most demanding cat in the house. When he's bored, he would sat atop the table and mew at the door or at me. He would climb atop my computer or television when he's in a bad mood, and always try to steal table food. Any form of discipline doesn't work for this bad boy. I've tried water spray, loud voice and even ear flick, doesn't work at all. In the end, I had to keep him in a room if I want to eat.
Salem doesn't like to eat kibble but loves to eat chicken or table food. He would eat anything he can get his paws on. Luckily he has somewhat strong stomach and get diarrhea. Although he's a bad boy, he's a regular receptionist at home. He's very friendly towards visitors, circling their feet, lying down and rolling about in front of them. He loves it when people gives him body rub or give attention to him. He is such an attention seeker. His other cute trait is his huge orange eyes. He would stare with round, orange eyes whenever someone is talking about him. He would sit on his behind, front leg vertically straight, stare at a person and slightly tilt his head. It is so adorable that people that came over can't help but love him. He's also very close to my boyfriend. Whenever my boyfriend came to visit, Salem would be the first by the front door waiting. Same thing happens when my boyfriend is leaving. Salem would be waiting by the door when he hears the sound of keys jingling and sometimes went out to follow. But he never go further than in front of the front door. He's still scared of the outside.

I have special nick name for my cats, Sherbet is known as Mr. Affectionate and Mr. Mastermind. He's the most affectionate in the house and always up to secret mischief. Climbing kitchen stove, playing in the bathroom, climbing into the washing machine and a lot more. But, he knows when I'm angry at him. He would lie down flat on the floor, ears down and stare. Can't be angry long with him anyway.
Neko-chan is known as Miss Cleaner since she's always grooming herself or the other two boys. I would say most of her time is spend grooming. I guess she likes to stay pretty all the time. She's also very vocal when she's uncomfortable. When she doesn't like something (grooming, baths, etc) she would be growling angrily. Although in my opinion, it tamed a lot since I adopt her from the streets a few months back.
Salem is Mr. Nosy since he's always curious about everything I do. Whenever I do house chores, cleaning their litter box or fixing things, he would come sniffing and nosy about. He loves when people play with him (usually with a piece of cloth waved about) he would jump and chase after it. At the moment, Salem is still having balding problem. I'm still worried but the doctor said to bring him next week for second inspection.

All my cats love to hang out by the windows sometime. They would take turn to sit in front of the window and watched the activity outside, night or day. I wondered what they see sometimes, must be something interesting out there I guess..



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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