Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kitty Journal 20 - Chasing Flies & Balding Spots

Chasing Flies

It's really fun to see my cats running around the house, jumping up and down chasing flies. Now and then stray flies get into my home and it gets the cats scrambling to catch it. I have to say my cats have boundless of energy. Seeing them running back and forth, jumping high, trying to climb wall is so much fun. I would call their names and ask "Did you catch it? Go catch em!". I would let them chase the flies for awhile and then I'll take out my small fan, smack! One hit and down goes the flies. Flies-0 Me-1. *Laugh*

In my opinion, flies are a hazard to health but it gives my cats plenty of exercise. Just let them live for awhile and then take them down in a blink of an eye. *Evil grin*

Balding Spots

I'm still worried about Salem. It's been almost two weeks since I spotted Salem's balding spots. At first, I thought it was due to flea allergy but after thorough checking, grooming, I found no indication of flea population in my home. The other two cats are flea free (I could see flea poo on Sherbet or Neko-chan's fur if there's any flea infestation since their fur is rather light-colored). I assumed it was food allergy (maybe the Kitzyme tablets I gave them before). But I've stopped giving them the tablet almost two weeks now but Salem is still scratching like mad. It bothers me to hear him scratching his body vigorously, making his collar bell rings. His balding spots are more visible and new spots are emerging.

After some discussion with my bf, he told me to wait till next Monday to send Salem to the vet. Maybe Salem need some kind of injection / medication to reduce the itching and balding. Other than the itching and balding, Salem seems to enjoy life as a normal cat. Running around, jumping up and down, playing with the other cats and demand his usual cloth sucking. Oh well, a few more days to go see the vet. *Smile*

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kitty Journal 19 - Post Neuter II

Two days have passed since I send my cats for neutering. I let Salem out of the cage, I'm not too worried about Salem. He is active but he's not the type that likes to climb onto high places. I checked his stitches everyday and it looks good, drying up nicely. I put Gamat Gel on them to increase the recovery rate. Although Salem does look cute with his bum shaved *laughed*.

Neko-chan can move about in her cage but she still looks a bit weak. She doesn't move vigorously (expected, with and inch long stitch on her lower abdomen). I made some boiled chicken for her but she doesn't seem to like it. I bought a can of tuna flakes cat food and she loved it. I gave her some kibbles yesterday (seems she prefer kibbles more than boiled chicken) and she loved it. I'm still doubtful whether I should give her more kibbles or just go with wetfood now. I put Gamat Gel on her stitches too, hope it will increase her recovery rate. Although I am somewhat worried she likes to sleep in her litterbox *frowns*. I'll just monitor her for now.

Sherbet is always curious (as usual). He would come and poked his head in their room, hang out near their cage and walk all over the place. I guess he's bored since both his playmates is resting. Salem is out and about but I always watch him and Sherbet. If they play too much, I would shout at them. I don't want Salem's stitches to open. So far everything looks good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kitty Journal 18 - Neuter Part II

I tossed and turned in my bed last night, worried that my two cats would escaped from their cage. It was in preparation for their neutering this morning. I slept and woke up, running to look at their cage and was relieved to see both of them staring back at me behind the wire mesh. I dreamed they escaped and drank water, which disturbed their fasting process. In the middle of the night I woke up a few times because Sherbet kept jumping on my bed, and lying next to me.


I woke up a minute before the alarm rang on my mobile phone and went into the bathroom. After bathing, I dressed up and checked all the cats.


Salem & Neko-chan all ready in the carrier and good to go. I head out to meet my friend, June to go to the neuter clinic together.


Bf & I arrived at the said location at met up with June. I went with June to the Neuter Clinic. We chat about cats and had a few laugh.


We arrived at the clinic. We can see a few cars parked outside the premise. We brought our carriers out and sat in the shades. The doctors haven't arrived yet, so we just wait till they're officially opened.


The guard told us we can bring the cats into the office and we brought them in. Filled in some forms and left them in the clinic till they're done. We head out for breakfast while waiting. I had fun, chatting with June about our cats and experiences.


We head back to the clinic and met some other cat owners. We chat about our cats, their behavior and health. We were somewhat shocked to hear a lady lost 2 of her cats while trying to get them into the clinic. What was even more saddening to me was she blamed her maid for not latching the cage door properly. I find it mind-boggling. The cats are their owner's responsibility, and a part of their family. Why would the maid be responsible for the cage door? Shouldn't the owner double check it on her/his own?? I wrapped extra support for my carrier, even extra wire tied to the cage door so my cats won't ran off. But how can some owners forget these?? It was mind-boggling but I shouldn't judge them. Each to their own.


June and I sat outside the clinic and chat up to fill in the time. Salem & Spot (June's kitten) had already done the neutering and are resting inside the clinic. Neko-chan's surgery will probably take time since the doctors usually deals with males before females. As we chat, we were surprised to see yet another escapade. A light-brown seal point siamese look-alike ran as fast as it can across the yard into the bushes. We were stunned to see it happened right in front of our eyes. What was even more surprising was, the cat was carried in what looked like a bird-cage. I shaked my head and frowned. Both June and I were flabbergasted. The cat was bigger than Sherbet ( Sherbet at the moment weights around 4.5kg) and it fit snugly into a carrier I bought in March. Imagine something bigger than 4.5kg in a flimsy bird cage. We discussed the stupidity of some cat owners. As the owner went to looked for the cat, we went inside the clinic to see if our cats are done. I was glad to see Neko-chan up and about and was settling the bill when the siamese look-alike and it's owner came in.

The cat was struggling and the owner was handling it the wrong way (holding it's legs). The cat bit the owner and scrambled inside the office, causing a lot of ruckus. I can see how frightened the cat was, it was crazy running around panicking. The office looked like a tornado had swept in, everything was tossed all over the place, the window blinds broken in pieces. Eventually the cat stood between the window and the blind. The doctor's helper came and catch it, stuff it into a sturdy carrier. I pity the cat, can't say I pity the bleeding owner much. Seems like they don't know how to handle their cat. I just shrugged and thankful the ordeal is over. I glance at the scared siamese look-alike and shake my head. Poor thing, so scared. I settled my bills and went back with June. I was thankful June could send me over the busy road so it'll be easier (and less stressful).


I arrived at the designated place, with my bf waiting to pick me up. I said my thanks to June quickly and ride the motorbike home. I hold the carrier real close and carefully, and ride home.
I am happy all my cats have gone through neutering process with no complication and all that's left now is the nurturing process. I kept them in separate carriers for now and wait till they starts mewing before I let them out into the bigger cage. I want to make sure they are fully awake and stable before transferring them to the cage. My poor cats is still so groggy and weak. The biggest hurdle is already over for me, now all that's left is their monthly food and litter supply, the yearly vaccination and lots of love. I hope they will grow bigger, stronger and healthier.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kitty Journal 17 - MCC Cat Show 3-5 July & Family Invasion

MCC Cat Show 3-5th July

I woke up early Sunday morning and went to MidValley Megamall to watch beautiful cats on display and hang out with some friends I made through There were a lot of people at the event, and some of them brought their pets with them.. beautiful dogs, cute sugargliders, racoons, birds, cats and rabbits. I looked at the cats in the competition and they are beautiful. Although some are quite afraid, probably not used to big crowds and loud noise but still beautiful to my eyes. I met up with friends, chat up and gossip, absorbed everything I can with my eyes and commit them to memory. I have always love looking at beautiful cats and envy them (especially their owners). I could probably get my cats THAT beautiful but will sure need alot of effort and *cough* money. For now, I am just so happy when family and relatives tells me my cats are beautiful and healthy. It means I did the right thing somewhere.

I was glad I went to the event, and get to see close up how cat grooming is done. It looks easy but it gives me a more clear idea how I'm supposed to groom my cats. It has always been sort of a trial and error on my part whenever I groom my cats. Now I know how to do it the right way *smile*. I congratulates all the friends that won on that day, they are brave to enter their cats and I salutes them. I would love to try someday but I will need a lot of practise. My cats need a lot of training as well. When we are confident enough (my cats & I ), we shall venture into the world of cat show!! Although I am not sure when that'll be *laugh*. It was a fruitful day , in my humble opinion and I was happy. What makes it all even more meaningful was that my bf was there with me and we enjoyed the show..

Family Invasion

My family came to stay over yesterday and I welcomed them. My sister is due back at her university for the new semester and it's common for them to put a few nights at my home. This time the visit was rather short because my dad has a guitar class later today (my dad took additional jazz class to deepen his knowledge of jazz for guitars). I am used to my family sleeping over unfortunately, my eldest cat (Sherbet) is rather afraid. Why? Who knows. He has always been a scaredy cat and this time it's the worse.

As soon as my family steps into the house and I let them out of their room, he ran away, body crouching low and ears somewhat lowered (scared stance) and ran into hiding. Salem on the other hand is a regular receptionist. He came over and greets everyone, weaving through their legs, sniffing here and there, rolling about in front of my parents and sister. They were easily charmed by him, the little rascal. He shows no sign of being frightened at all and we all agreed that he is most suitable is I were to take part in a cat show (too bad he's suffering some bald patches at the moment *sighs*). After awhile, bf and I searched the apartment for Sherbet but we couldn't find him. I got worried but after 10 minutes, my bf found him behind the toilet seat, hiding. I slapped my forehead hard and shakes my head. I carried Sherbet into the bedroom and he jumped down, hid under the bed. I know he was kinda shy with my family but this time it was too much. He didn't come out hours later after I sprayed him with water, and ran into another hiding spot. It got me worried too since he didn't touch his food or even use the litterbox. I knew he was scared, so I just let him cool off and calm down. I was kinda disappointed since my family was so looking forward to meeting him.

It continued throughout the day till sleep time. He won't show his face and hid either under the bed or at the edge of the cat's room (where people can't see him). I just let him be and went to sleep. Poor Salem was kinda lonely but luckily my parent was having fun playing around with him. Later that nite, seems Sherbet came out of his hiding and went to greet my parent. He was rolling about beside them, asking for petting services. Once in a while he would come on my bed and sat beside me or near my feet. Such a pampered brat.

As the morning came, I thought he was over being scared but I was wrong. Once he heard the sound of the water kettle whistling, he reverts back to the timid cat and went crounching and all into hiding. My big, eldest cat.. afraid of.. almost everything. I slapped my forehead hard yet again and shakes my head.. What am I going to do with you, boy? And looked at him, wondering.. while he looked back at me with his big, golden eyes..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kitty Journal 16 - Salem, Food Allergy perhaps? & Litterbox Management

Salem, Food Allergy perhaps?

I asked opinion from friends in Petfinder and some suggested that Salem's problem was due to food allergy. It made me think, perhaps that is correct. From what I read, food allergy is hard to diagnosed. Only way to find out is to do a food test and see how he reacts. I was thinking flea was the problem but the other 2 cats didn't show any flea allergy reaction (or even signs of flea attacks). I don't see them scratching much.. and they looked fine. Only Salem shows signs of allergy reaction (itching, excessive grooming, bald patches).

I suspected the Kitzyme supplement I bought for my cats. Though the other 2 is fine with it, I guess the ingredient doesn't sit well with Salem. So, for now I will stop giving them Kitzymehindlegs and stomach is balding badly. *Frown* supplement and just stick with the ones vet suggested. I hope Salem will get better though, his

Litterbox Management (and Odor Control)

I have come to love litterbox deodorizer! I admit at start I was rather skeptic but after using them for a month plus, I LOVE IT! It started out as ways to reduce the odor from my cats' litterbox. As an owner of 3 cats, I assure you the smell of cat faeces doesn't faze me at all. I guess, with time, you get used to the smell. In my opinion, if you have cats and you're not used to the smell, you have a problem. But of course, that doesn't mean cat faeces doesn't make me squeamish. *Laugh*

I started goggling about litterbox management and odor control. It was mind boggling how some people can prolonged the use of 5litres of cat sand for more than a week (some even can extend to 1 month). I seemed to run through 5 litres of cat sand for a week, sometimes only for 5 days. Usually the sand starts to smell on the third day.
-I wondered if my scooping technique was wrong.
-Maybe too much force made the clumping balls break?
-Maybe not enough force and left behind residue?
-Maybe my cats is a sewage machine? *giggles*
-Maybe even my scoop or my cat sand is not good enough?

I wrecked my brains trying to figure out how to manage their litterbox. Granted I am kinda lazy and only cleans the litterboxes once a day and am kinda tight on budget but I want to know how other people managed it and I couldn't. Cats will be cats in my opinion, regardless of breed and the amount they poo or pee should be the same. So I goggled and read, voila! found the perfect solution.

The website suggested the usage of litterbox deodorizer and an extra way to clean the litterbox after each the routine scooping. I was rather sceptical at start, can it really reduce the smell? Prolonged the usage of the sand?? I've tried shredded newspaper but the smell was too strong I can't handle it. I even tried recycled paper litter but the ammonia smell was really strong after the 5
th day and it was somewhat expensive. Wasting too much money on litter material is too much, don't you think? (Especially since I'm rather tight on budget .. *cry*).

The website suggested to spread a thin layer of litterbox deodorizer on the bottom of the litterbox after you cleaned the litterbox, before putting in new litter sand. (The routine once a week litterbox clean-up). Then put a centimetre or two of litter sand over the thin layer of litterbox deodorizer. Then put another thin layer of litterbox deodorizer, followed by another thin layer of cat sand. I find that the pee and poo clump better and sticks less to the surface of the litterbox (since one of my cat love to dig deep into the litter).

After the routine daily scooping, light up a lighter and run a fire over the surface of the litter sand (as close to the sand as you can). If I remember correctly, it is to burn out the unwanted odor. Then sprinkles a thin layer of litterbox deodorizer on the surface, followed by topping up a small layer of litter sand. I tried it for a month and I have to say it works wonders! The odor is reduced greatly and the sand can last up to 2 weeks. The cost is not as expensive since a bottle / box of litterbox deodorizer is only around RM16-RM19 (I find that the Arms & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer works best) and can last to a month or more.

Why I wanted to find solution to litterbox odor? It's because I want guests coming to my home (usually my family) to feel comfortable and not smell cat poo or pee. I want to tell them proudly that I have cats and are not having any foul smell problems (apart from the smell of my garbage bin *laugh*). If you are reluctant to use Litterbox Deodorizer, Soda Bicarbonate works too although it's less effective but it can reduce the odor too (prolly around 20-30% odor reduction).
Sadly, I can't remember which website it was....

Hmm enough of my ramblings.. I've written alot today.. I'll write more when I can think of something kitty-related *Smile*..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kitty Journal 15 - The Return Of Fleas


Yes, flea attack happened again to my cats. My poor Salem is balding in some spot of his body, poor boy is allergic to flea bites. It pains me to see him scratching non stop but there's nothing much I can do. I watch helplessly and count my coins.

The minute I gather enough money, I bought Frontline Spray, Machiko Shampoo (for flea, tick and lice). I bathe all my cats with Machiko Shampoo, dried them thoroughly. Today, I sprayed Frontline on them and I hope it is enough.

I'm waiting till Sunday and see how Salem handles flea allergy. If he doesn't get better, I'm taking him to the vet.

Weird enough, both Sherbet and Neko-chan doesn't show any symptom of flea allergy. Both looks fine and doesn't scratch as much as Salem. I guess they have more resistance than Salem.



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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