Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kitty Journal 14 - Cat's Pregnant Perhaps???

I send Neko-chan for her 2nd vaccine and it went well.. I even asked the vet to check if she's pregnant.. can't be confirmed though.. maybe she is and maybe she's not..but left side of her abdomen was hardened, so the doctor can't check properly.

It's a mixed reaction, I frowned upon the knowledge that my kitten is pregnant, and worried about her safety .. but on the other hand I am happy I could be a grandma to cute kittens. I want to spay her but I read up that spaying pregnant queen is equal to abortion.. do I want to do that?? Can I do that?? But if I let her come to term with the pregnancy, can she handle it? She was sick for so long due to diarrhea and ringworm, she aren't even 1 yr old. I read that it could end fatally for mother or kittens or both. What do I do? Which one is the right decision?

In a way, I blames myself secretly. I didn't confine her properly and she got out of her cage a few times, hang out with my other kittens (one of em is still intact). Perhaps I was naive in thinking the male kitten is yet to be sexually matured. Ahh.. foolish me. Lesson learned in a hard way.

As I stare at my kittens, I wondered if I can support another kitten. I sat and ponders to myself.. decisions.. decisions....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kitty Journal 13

I haven't written in this blog for quite sometime, too busy with life passing by and not making a habit to write it down I guess. My apartment (looks more like a flat) .. have been livelier with each passing day. Sometimes I frown, sigh and even gets angry but most of the time I am happy, smiling and laughing. All thanks to my three little kids : Sherbet, Salem and Neko-chan.

Everyday they bring me joy and I'm hardly ever gets bored (except when I missed my once a week window shopping session.. it gets me real testy).

Sherbet is growing beautifully, already reached 4kg at 8 1/2 months. By the end of this month, he's practically an adult. I really can't believe, the puny, small and skinny kitten I brought back from SPCA in December has grown so big and healthy. Nowadays I need both hands to carry him around, it's hard to balance his whole body with just 1 hand. Doesn't mean he's slowing down as he grows older though..still run around the house with the other 2 kittens.. It scared me when he slams onto the table when he slides while running...

Salem is growing in a way. Not as plump as Sherbet, but more elongated. His coat shines beautifully, he's healthy and active. Although he still suck on shirt, mews loudly when he's bored and eat whatever he come across.. *face palm*. So far, he's the naughtiest but when he looked at me with his big, round orange eyes.. I can't help but laugh, pick him up and stroke him. He's also the friendliest among the three. He will purrs loudly whenever anyone pick him up (even at the vet). Another cute thing about him is the kink at the end of his tail, looks like a cute hook to me. Out of the three cats, he's the one that doesn't even care if he got scolded. Whenever I scolded him for his bad behavior, he'd just lick his fur as if nothing happened or look at me with his huge eyes ( put in flatten ears and he could be the Puss-In-Boots from Shrek2).

Neko-chan is growing healthily too. I was surprised when i brought her to the vet for vaccination, she already weight 2.5kg. She was just 1.5kg the month before when I brought her for diarrhea treatment. She has delicate, small face but her body is getting plumpier. She is more vocal these days. I laughed when I saw here making cute noises while chasing a fly all over the house. She has also shown more signs of being in heat. Having another male cat intact at home really worries me. Even though Salem doesn't look like he is sexually matured, I will never know. I can't keep an eye on them 24-7 to make sure. So, for the meantime I have to confine her in the cage until I can spay her (prolly mid July). A friend told me, she has to wait for 2 weeks after her 2nd vaccination before she could undergo spaying surgery.



Sherbet's Cute Mew

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