Friday, October 16, 2009

Kitty Journal 28 - The Problematic Salem

Curious what's the picture is all about? Simple, it's Salem doing one of his antics. His new found hobby is scratching on the bathroom door. Sometimes when there's nobody in there (I kept the bathroom / shower door closed so my cats won't be licking or sniffing bleach) and sometimes while I was in there *sighs*. He would scratch and mews at the door till I opened a bit (if I were inside) and then he would stop and just stare at me or sit down quietly in front of the bathroom. Other times he would just scratch on the door and then stare at me when I scold him (even though there we nobody in the bathroom). Granted his behavior is typical to when he was locked up in the cat room or in a cage, it still mind boggles me. In my opinion, he still acts like a kitten when he's practically an adult (at nine months old). My other two cats just stare at him whenever he's throwing tantrums. The good news is that he realized that my fly swatter is a deadly weapon (I smack the ground / carpet real hard in front of my cats to scare them whenever they're up to mischief) and he will run into their room whenever I caught him scratching the bathroom door. Granted it was fun to have Salem follow me around the house, when I'm in the kitchen he will sit nearby. He was always outside the bathroom whenever I shower or use the bathroom. I called him the black stalker or the bodyguard *laughs*.
Last week, I bought a book on cats at a local warehouse used book sale. It was really good, with a lot of illustration on how to take care of cats, first aid and grooming. It also features problematic cats and the remedy for them. I came to realized that Salem is a dependent cat, solely dependent on humans (namely me and my bf). He follows us around, would even try to follow my bf outside the front door whenever he leaves. Follows me all around the house, even sleep beside my feet most of the time (I find that somewhat cute though). But what annoys me is his constant mewing when he demands attention. He would sit on his but, usually on top of the coffee table and mew from the top of his lungs. He would only stop when I reprimand him *loud audible sigh*.

Like these sandals? This is another of Salem's antics.

See the bite marks? It's all Salem's doing, sometimes I wonder if he's a cat or a dog in disguise. He chewed the black shoe off, it's unwearable. I grew tired of scolding him, anytime I take my eyes off him, he will chew the sandals. Once I was shocked to see bits of the shoe stuck to his teeth.. it mind boggles me why he would chew shoes, it's not as if I didn't feed him T_T

It all come down to Salem being too dependent, so I'm guessing he needs a new companion. I'm debating about adopting another cat but it's not a bad idea. ( I love cats anyway, it's just my pocket isn't deep enough to splurge on them *laughs*).

Oh well, it's the trials of a cat owner. I have to learn how to cure this nasty behavior of Salem's and then make him a better cat. ; )



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