Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kitty Journal 12 - Neko-chan & My Other Boys II

I am happy to say my kittens is happy and active. Although I do have some flea / lice trouble at the moment, it will take some time and effort to clear that problem. Be Vigilant!

Neko-chan has gotten much better, I let her out of her cage and let her play with the boys.. She run here and there, wrestle with them. It gives me such delight to see her so active. Her diarrhea is gone, but I still monitor her soft poo. I still gave her Natural Balance Green pea & duck formula, now slowly incorporate Blackwood into her bowl. So far it goes well.. but her poo still smell sour, maybe because she hasn't had any deworm or vaccination yet. I'll get her for those next week :)

Sherbet is as usual, healthy, sneaky anc active. With a female kitten running around and wrestling with Salem, it makes Sherbet more active and running around the house too. He still does mischief, I just need to call out for him to stop and lie down still. Notti boy Sherbet.

Salem has flea allergy .. some of his fur is balding.. and he kept scratching himself. I send him to the vet, he got a jab for flea allergy and I put Frontline combo on all of my furkids. He's growing bigger now, more elongated than plump and such an affectionate kitten. He doesn't want to be held much, but whenever anyone hold him, he would start purring.. *laugh*. He's not a screaming banshee much these days, only when he's hungry or wants to get out of the cat room. Most of the time he spend his days chasing Neko-chan and Sherbet, wrestle with them and lie down wherever he wants.

House is always noisy these days, every now and then I can hear stuff falling down. Luckily I don't have any breakable ornaments in the house. Although I worry whenever I hear any of the kitten screamed in panic. Usually the other kitten were playing too rough. I took some pictures of them and I find Neko-chan is the hardest to snap a photo, she always move around. :)

I edited this photo of them, sniffing on catnip put under the pillow's cover.

Salem, Sherbet & Neko-chan

Salem, lying down on my mattress

Close-up of Salem, my my ..what big eyes you have!

Neko-chan, hiding from my phone camera.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Kitty Journal 11 - Neko-chan & My Other Boys

I haven't written anything on this blog for quite sometime.. Most of the time I think my life and the kitties are rather mundane, monotonous. Sherbet is as naughty as every and Salem is still the whiner. He seldom screams like a banshee but he still whines now and then when he feels bored or need the attention. Neko-chan has improved alot after I gave her Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck Formula. She no longer has runny poo but it's still rather soft and the frequency is still abnormal. I tried really hard to control her food intake these days, didn't want her to get even worse.

Tonight I let her out in the house and she spend the evening running around with my two boys, Sherbet & Salem. Makes the house a bit messy but as long as they are happy, I a
m content. Since the last time I wrote here, I've brought Neko-chan to the vet for four times in two weeks. I have to thank Kak Zai, one of the Petfinders forumers that gave me the suggestion for Neko-chan to try on Natural Balance kibble. It's worrying to see a female kitten's litterbox is more overwhelmed than the one shared by my two boys. I have a feeling it's still quite a long way before I can get this kitten fully recovered and healthy. The tough part is making sure she doesn't have access to any table food (or any other cat food) so I have to be vigilant and kept other cat food away from her.

These are her latest pictures:

Salem and Neko-chan on my bed.



Sherbet's Cute Mew

Click Play to listen!